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The best parks in America

For those who want to experience the vastness of the American territory firsthand, American parks are a must. From the deep southwest to the Atlantic coast, we have selected five of the most beautiful parks, which are worth visiting at least in our lifetime.

Grand Canyon

The Unesco World Heritage Site is located in Arizona The Grand Canyon National Park has some geological formations dating back to 1.8 billion years. Those who want to capture the beauty of this geological wonder can choose South Rim or North Rim. You can enter the South Rim from two entrances, Moqui and Desert View. Tourism is less and the northern coast offers a landscape characterized by more vegetation. For those who want to pay homage to our pasta film tradition, the Grand Canyon cannot be missed on the American Park Tour.

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Mount Rushmore

About 3 million people visit Mount Rushmore each year and the peak period is between June, July and August. Mount Rushmore is recognized by all as a symbol of American freedom, perhaps the most famous sculpture complex in the world, representing the four American presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln. Mount Rushmore is also worth a visit, including the beauty of the Black Hills and hiking the huge granite blocks. On Mount Rushmore you cannot miss a trip to the American Park for those who want to touch the historical symbol of the local Constitution.

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White Mountains

The eastern United States can also offer endless vistas of large parks: White Mountain Park is not as popular as Yellowstone Park and Yosemite Park, and it offers legendary itineraries, such as the Bretton Woods to Crawford Valley Route. waterfalls with panoramic views dotted with mountains. The park offers temporary rail tours: the Notch Train, an old-fashioned train that receives many tourists every year, passes through Crawford Notch, crosses steep canyons, streams and streams, and enjoys magnificent mountain views. For those who aren’t happy with the natural scenery, American Park in the White Mountains can be used as an essential American tour, including a tour of the country’s east coast.

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Monument Valley

Monument Valley is the most beautiful park in the United States, located in the Navajo Tribal Park Indian Reserve. For those looking to experience the American experience through road travel, this is a classic itinerary. Along the “Scenic Drive”, which is a 17-mile journey for car enthusiasts, you will have the opportunity to observe special rock formations, each with its own name: Elephant Butte Special, the Three Sisters, the hub and so on. For those who want to relax on vacation, there is an organized tour that lasts 10 hours and departs from nearby Flagstaff and Sedona.

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This naturalistic gem is famous for its diverse wildlife in northwestern Montana. You can also visit the Black Foot Indian Reservation east of the park to experience the local culture firsthand. The 25-passenger bus offers day trips from West Glacier, East Glacier, St. Mary and Browning. Among American parks, this may be the park that best reflects the oldest soul of American culture. It is also the most real and intense.

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