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Where to go on New Year’s Eve 2022

There are those who prefer to spend the holidays with the family, those who love traditional card games with relatives and friends; there are even those who just can’t stand the New Year and those who wait for it for a whole year, to let loose and throw the old year behind them and welcome the new one.


Perhaps one of the most romantic New Year’s Eve parties in the world taking place along the Champs Elysees, starting at 9pm with bottles of champagne and a view that will touch even the hardest of hearts at the Eiffel Tower. lights.

But it doesn’t stop there! There are fantastic events, theatrical and musical performances organized all over the city … in short, Paris is definitely one of the TOP destinations for the New Year.
In a super romantic formula, you can opt for a magical New Year’s Eve dinner cruise, sailing the Seine to admire the city lights from a unique perspective.


The capital of transgression for many, Van Gogh’s home, hosts one of the most iconic and fun events. Old and new are celebrated on New Year’s Eve and on Remblandtplein, the hub of Amsterdam’s nightlife, Europe’s largest LCD screen embodies the schedule that awaits you.

Dam Square is usually a night and day meeting place, frequented by both locals and tourists; The square comes alive on New Year’s Eve thanks to the traditional free end of year concert.
A romantic solution is a night cruise on the canals, sipping a glass of champagne lulled by the canals of the city.

Madeira Islands

Does it seem strange to you that Madeira is at the center of world capitals such as Paris, Rome and Bangkok? Well, the reason is quickly explained: right here on a Portuguese volcanic island, Pirotecnia Macedo has conquered the record for the largest fireworks display in the world, successfully inscribing the Guinness Book of Records. You can bet they will try to outdo each other again this year!


Puerta del Sol is the program of the Madrid New Year, with the traditional custom “Las Uvas”: each one brings 12 grapes, one for each of the last 12 months, to be swallowed at every stroke of the palace clock. Royal House of Correos.
Then lots of music, dancing and dancing until the morning.

A truly alternative New Year’s Eve can be spent on the Madrid cable car. The funicular management company organizes the last ride of the year so that from a privileged point of view you can enjoy the celebrations and fireworks that take place in the city.


The wonderful Red Square in Moscow is one of the most exclusive locations in the world. The colorful domes of St. Basil’s Cathedral will be brighter than ever as the fireworks will celebrate the midnight strike, welcoming the old year and opening the doors to the new. Of course the cold is not a good ally, but… a lot of vodka, yes!

And another detail that cannot be forgotten. Moscow follows the Julian calendar, which means that the winter holidays are postponed: Orthodox Christmas is celebrated on January 7 and New Year is celebrated on the night of January 13-14. This means that by strategically taking a vacation you can celebrate twice!


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