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The best cities in Mexico

Mexico is a wonderful country on the Caribbean Sea. It is mainly visited for its archaeological sites, ancient testimonies of Maya civilization, as well as for its long beaches and tourist centers that surround them, rich in colors and joy.

Mexico City

Although often excluded from the stages of travel to Mexico, due to its distance from the most visited and piled places, Mexico has a very diverse travel destination that even justifies the transfer itself. In addition to being the country’s capital, it is also a very sought-after cultural center as it is full of attractions and museums.

Don’t miss its historic center with El Zocalo, the largest square in Latin America. Then Chapultepec Castle, which dominates the city. Still, the bright colors and the folkloristic traditions that emerge from the lively markets along the streets of the city and the small museums, like the one entitled to Frida Khalo, an important icon of the feminist world today.

Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen is one of the Perle of the Riviera Maya, a coastal area of Mexico, rich in tourist resorts, including very luxurious. It has 150,000 inhabitants and in addition to the long row of villages that develop mainly along the national road, enjoys a very lively center, at any time of day and night: Fifth Avenue, in fact, is always a frenzy and brulicle of local premises , shops and musicians who animate the streets.

Furthermore Playa del Carmen has frequent ferries that connect the mainland for excursions and snorkeling among the coral reefs of the cozumel island, a wonderful Mexican island in the Caribbean Sea.


Tulum is located along the Maya Riviera and, as mentioned, is a city very famous because of the homonymous archaeological site. In addition to the Tulum site, within the city there are the ruins of Coba, another precious testimony of Mayan civilization. Another peculiarity of Tulum are the wonderful Caribbean beaches that characterize its coast.

Finally, the city is rich in shops and restaurants, which makes it a destination suitable for young people and families who can choose to stay in small hotels in the center or in numerous well-equipped tourist villages.


Cancun has over 740,000 inhabitants and is the capital of the Quintana Roo region, which houses the Maya Riviera, and therefore also the capital of nightlife and entertainment.

The city thrives in two areas: the historic center, with traditional houses and the squares frequented by the children’s children, and the “Hoteler” area, a flap of land rich in luxury hotels and transgressive premises.
Don’t miss the waterfront with its shops and restaurants on the sea. Cancun with its rhythms is definitely suited to a young target.


San Cristobal de las Casas

This picturesque town of San Cristobal de Las Casas is located in the heart of Chiapas, surrounded by mountains. It is a very suggestive and unforgettable place for those who want to take a complete tour of Mexico, because through its narrow and colorful streets you can get in touch with the Mexican cultural tradition of religious rites and cordiality.

A very suggestive moment to visit the city is the evening in which the street lamps light up red and around there is a great ferment, thanks to the lively market. Don’t miss the city cathedral, located at the top of Cerro de Guadalupe. Compared to prevalent temperatures in the countryside, being in Conca, San Cristobal is increasingly cold and humid, and in the evening the thermometer can fall below 15 °.


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