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What to see in Malaga

Malaga is the beautiful coast of Andalusia, in fact it offers tourists thousands of meters of beaches and is constantly exposed to sunlight. This bustling city full of incredible wealth is a great opportunity to discover the beauty of Andalusia. Born in a port city, today the perfect combination of culture, history and relaxation is crazy.

Picasso Museum

Whether you are passionate about art or not, the first thing to see in Malaga is undoubtedly the Picasso Museum. Some works of this multifaceted and extraordinary artist are kept here in the same city where he was born. You will find 11 rooms with 233 works and various temporary exhibitions. The museum is located in the Buena Vista Palace. But as we said before, Malaga is also Picasso’s hometown and the house where he was born is now accessible and accessible.

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Malaga Cathedral

The cathedral of Malaga is breathtaking, it is a jewel of the Renaissance and since the 16th century the building has lasted for two centuries. Its plants occupy the surface of an ancient mosque, until today you can only see the courtyard of the Patio de los Naranjos, a small courtyard strewn with citrus fruits, as the name suggests. Enter the cathedral, admire the beautiful dome 40 meters high, then climb the bell tower and, walking 200 steps, you can enjoy the magnificent view of the city and the entire coast.

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It may not be the Alhambra of Granada, but the Alcazaba of Malaga resembles each other, it recalls the glorious Arab history of the beautiful Spanish city, in fact, the Muslim residence combines three different cultures: Arab, Roman and Renaissance. To enter you have to go through the Roman Theater, a dense path between palms, oranges and jasmine flowers. This beautiful Moorish fortress palace, built in the Moorish era (11th century), was built between 1057 and 1063 by order of the Granada king Badis Ben Habs. Not only does it have precious decorations, jewel gates and fountains, but it also has a beautiful museum, which houses Islamic pottery and historic pottery.

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Port of Malaga

The port of Malaga has become the second largest cruise port on the Iberian Peninsula and is a real attraction not only for sailors but also for travelers looking for a youthful and festive atmosphere. Today, most of its surface has been redeveloped and has two new areas: Palmeral de las Sorpresas, the main promenade made up of palm groves, fountains and a series of spaces dedicated to relaxation; and Muelle Uno, which is more The first area dedicated to concerts, events and exhibitions is more lively and crowded. Come here to enjoy the sunset, admire the sea, and start an evening with a cocktail in the cheese restaurant, then continue to dine and after dinner … there is no shortage of discos!

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Plaza de Toros

Spain rhymes with toros and toreros. The bullfighting tradition is also strong in Malaga. Indeed, this is one of the most famous stadiums in the country – folklore shows that Malaga’s bullring was built in 1874 by architect Joaquín Rucoba for people watching and the right place for bullfights. There is so much love and hate at the same time, but this is undoubtedly part of the Spanish tradition. However, if you do not want to attend these shows that often appear during the Easter holidays or the Feria de Málaga (Feria de Málaga), we recommend that you stroll around the building, which was declared a UNESCO historic site in 1976. monument.

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