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Villas available during President’s Week in St Barts

A small paradise on earth, an unspoiled corner, a Caribbean pearl of the French Antilles. Discovered in 1493 by Christopher Columbus, the island bears the name of his brother Bartolomeo. Crystal clear seas, golden beaches, nightlife, luxurious villas and lush forests have made it the favorite island of American jet set VIPs since the 1960s, when it became the favorite vacation destination of billionaire David Rockefeller. Today we will take you to discover the best villas that are still available during President’s Week in St Barts.


Can you imagine walking up from your private beach, after having a sail on the pontoon boat left for you to enjoy freely? it does get better when standing on your pool deck to take in a tropical sunset view. If any of that strikes you as desirable, then a visit to the Villa Javacanou should be in your plans. This charming, three-bedroom property is set just above the water at Marigot Bay in St. Barts. It is surrounded with private gardens and grounds, and provides you with the perfect setting for an unforgettable holiday.


Villa Cairn is a beautiful new villa in St. Barts, offering an incredible view of the Anse du Petit Cul de Sac.

Featuring four luxurious suites and a modern décor, light tones emphasized with pops of blue and fantastic, overstuffed furniture, Villa Cairn perfectly compliments the shimmering seas and warm sands of St. Barts.

This villa offers all the amenities you could possibly want, including a huge private pool with an expansive terrace. All four bedrooms feature king beds and air conditioning, as well as en suite baths. Each bedroom also has a television, so if you and your guests aren’t in agreement as to what to watch, you can each go your own way.

Golden Palm

Villa Golden Palm is a newly built, 5-bedroom luxury villa on the St Jean hillside above Nikki Beach and Eden Rock, St Barts.

Located on the popular hillside famous for its gorgeous views and convenient access to the beach, restaurants and shopping. While most people will be able to walkdown to the beach, the climb back up the hillside may be a bit challenging for some. Nonetheless, a one-minute drive down the hill to the heart of St Jean makes this villa’s location excellent.

Legends B

Villa Legends B is a luxury five bedroom villa located on Lurin in beautiful St. Barts.
Gustavia is just few minutes drive from the villa with its shopping, restaurants and nightlife.

An extraordinary luxury vacation rental that features spectacular ocean views facing sunset. This luxury home is the perfect setting for your holiday, corporate retreat and a romantic honeymoon. Outdoor, the giant deck has a nice alfresco dining area and an incredible infinity swimming pool that seems to be hanging, midair over the hillside. There is also a nice hot tub where to relax and enjoy the views.


Villa Dunes is one of our must-visit of our St. Barts Villas —it was the set of season five of the TV series, Modern Housewives of New York. Set on 2.5 acres of unspoiled tropical landscape and Villa Dunes offers exceptional privacy.

You and your guests can relax in absolute privacy, flanked by hillside and opening up to the valley and sea. The manicured gardens spread throughout the property are home to bougainvilleas, coconut trees, and other tropical vegetation.

This villa offers incredible island and sea views as well as sights over the stone architecture also from the wooden terrace perched above the gardens.


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