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Ladakh what to know before you go

Ladakh is the high altitude Himalayan mountain region of India. The majestic Himalayas, rivers, plateau, mountain peaks, snow and high altitude glaciers are just some of the factors. The road to Ladakh will give you the full views of the snow capped Himalayas and this is just another addition. There are several Ladakh trip itineraries that will surely help you on your journey, but today we will take you to discover the things to know before embarking on a trip to Ladakh!

Climate of Ladakh

Ladakh occupies most of the high Himalayan mountain ranges of India. The cold desert climate prevails all year round. An important travel tip to keep in mind when traveling to Leh Ladakh is the cold wind during the day and night in this region. People who cannot stand the cold even in warm clothes should avoid traveling to Ladakh during the winter months from November to March.

The weather will be extreme as temperatures reach freezing point. Warm sweaters and jackets are a must here any time of year. A visit is recommended during the dry season, which runs from April to June. You can feel some sunshine and warmth during the day. Summer season is the best time for people of all ages to travel here.

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Medicines for altitude sickness

It is advisable to consult your doctor before traveling to Ladakh. This is because you will be in the high altitude mountain ranges with an elevation ranging from 10,000 feet to 23,000 feet above mean sea level. It is recommended that you take your AMS medication as prescribed by your doctor. This because; AMS can cause shortness of breath, severe headache, vomiting, and lack of appetite.

Without AMS drugs, there are chances of getting blisters in the lungs. This is a medical emergency if left untreated it can lead to coma or death. It is advisable to bring a personal thermometer, a blood pressure monitor and a first aid kit. It is recommended to check your blood pressure and temperature whenever you feel dizzy in the high altitude ranges in Ladakh.

Mountain bike rental

When you travel by road to Ladakh, you are also traveling on the highest road in the world. This will be one of the most memorable rides of your life. You will never forget the mesmerizing beauty of the Himalayas that you will see on a mountain bike. You can rent a bicycle from Leh or Manali. They have a capacity of 350 to 490 cm3. Some points on the road are stiff.

Therefore, you must have some experience when cycling in mountainous terrain. It’s a cheap way to go a road not taken in Ladakh. It is recommended to bring a helmet, vest, boots and gloves. You can also bring knee, elbow and kidney pads for added safety. This road is safe to drive and this is one of your tips for traveling in Leh Ladakh.


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Tour Packages for Ladakh

Choose your Leh Ladakh tour packages well because I assure you that they will help you during your trip, allow you to have fun without thinking about everything. The tours are organized by experts who know the area well and will therefore give you the maximum experience you can have.


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