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When to go to Spain

The two most important cities, Madrid and Barcelona, are very different from each other. The former still maintains the historic architecture intact throughout its urban center, while Barcelona is a mix of historic architecture and buildings linked to twentieth-century modernism, such as Gaudi’s famous daring architecture. Today we will take you to discover some things you need to know before leaving for Spain such as the climate and other factors that could help you organize your holiday in the best possible way.

The climate

The climate of Spain is basically divided into three zones, in the north with an oceanic climate, in the center with a continental climate and in the south with a Mediterranean climate. The southernmost islands are characterized by a subtropical climate. In northern Spain, winters are mild and summers are hot, but not muggy, and rainfall is frequent throughout the year.

Ocean moisture is present for most of the twelve months, rains fall more frequently in autumn, and summers are sunnier but cooler than the rest of Spain. The central part of the country, which is also the largest climatic zone, has no influence on the sea, therefore the climate is characterized by cold winters and very hot summers.

Precipitation is mainly concentrated in spring and autumn. In summer, daytime temperature changes are also important. So in the evening the temperatures are often cool, even in the hottest months.

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The best time to go to Spain

Spring and autumn are undoubtedly the best times to travel to Spain. Spring is the perfect time to visit the central regions of Castile, Andalusia, the Mediterranean coast and the Balearic Islands. Summer is the best time to visit the northern regions, especially the Cantabrian coast, Galicia and the Camino de Santiago. Fall is probably the best time of the year to visit the whole country.

The climate is excellent, with sunny days and blue skies. In winter, the mountain ranges to the north and south offer excellent opportunities for winter sports. One thing you can do during these periods are excursions, they will make you discover everything there is to see and know based on the type of excursion you are going to choose, a very good site where you can buy excursions in Spain is Foxiepass.

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What are the documents required to enter Spain during Covid-19?

It is possible to travel safely to Spain. To travel to Spain now, all travelers from Italy (or other European Union countries) must complete a “public health form” via the spth.gob.es website or the Spain app before traveling after having obtained the QR code to be presented to foreigners who have not been able to fill in the questionnaire electronically, they will be able to present it on arrival in Spain in paper form (the model to be printed is attached to this provision: arrivals by air and attachment 2 for arrivals by sea).

In addition, all those who come to Spain from abroad are subject to a health check before entering the country. In particular: body temperature control (which must be below 37.5 °), document control and passenger status control.


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