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What to see in Thailand

A travel destination that never ceases to attract the most adventurous travelers, with the North full of treasures and the South with its white sand beaches. And then Bangkok, the “city of angels” that shines in the belly of the nation, a favorite destination for young breeders, a dream forbidden to lovers of the ancient and glorious history of the Kingdom of Siam. A land of contrasts and wonders that must be explored taking into account the climatic conditions: so what is the best time to go to Thailand? How to organize the trip? In this mini guide we talk about the climate, temperatures, rains, means of transport and of the main regions into which Thailand is divided to allow you to better organize your trip.



The climate of Thailand is one of the most pleasant in the world. In fact, most tourists come here to recharge their batteries with the sun’s rays. Tropical, hot and humid, as the happy climate can be defined, it is characterized by two seasons: the humid summer between May and October and the dry winter between November and April, with the months from March to May the hottest of the year. A monsoon regime regulates the climate: the monsoons, which come from the southwest from May to October, bring with them the rains that usually occur in the afternoon. Bangkok has a hot and humid tropical climate with highs of 35 ° C in April, the hottest month, and 31 ° C in December, the coolest. The north with Chiang Mai also has a tropical climate, albeit colder than the capital, and here the rains are concentrated even during the southwest monsoons. The south is the region with more constant temperatures throughout the year, but with more intense rains, especially in summer in the Andaman Sea.


The most exotic Thailand, the postcard, is located south of Bangkok and connects the capital in Surat Thani with a strip of land about 600 km long. From there opens the Gulf of Thailand and all its islands, jewels of white sand and green forests that we advise you to visit without haste. Koh Samui is the most popular destination for tourists looking for sun and sea. The archipelago of wonders is made up of islands now known as Koh Pha Ngan, known for the full moon party, Koh Tao, birthplace of sea turtles, and Koh Ningyuan, a natural masterpiece where you will find yourself with a seabed full of fish. and corals can make the best dive of your life. One of the most enchanting areas of the Gulf to spend a day like “Robinson Crusoe” is Ang Thong National Marine Park, literally “Golden Pool”: 40 uninhabited islands create a wild landscape unique in the world with long white beaches of coconut palm trees.

THE NORTH of Thailand

This is the great north, the most authentic region in the entire country, where Buddhist temples outnumber modern palaces, and travelers can still breathe ancient Thailand. The largest city is Chiang Mai, about 700 km from Bangkok, a famous handicraft center at the foot of the highest mountains: here the scenery is among the most beautiful in the nation, for a mixture of green peaks, rice mosaic fields, rolls hills like those drawn by the hand of an artist. Behold the beauty of the fertile Ping Valley River! And here is the small but attractive Chiang Rai, whose province borders Myanmar to the north and Laos to the north-east. Don’t miss the Golden Triangle! Among the most visited temples just 15 km from here, albeit of recent but visionary construction, there is the one designed by the painter Chalermchai Kositpipat called Wat Rong Khun, better known as the White Temple because it was entirely built in plaster and mirrors.


Developed on the Chao Praya River, Bangkok is by far one of the most visited tourist destinations on the planet. The “city of angels” has a double face: the modern metropolis full of skyscrapers and shopping malls, and the old part populated by Buddhist temples and typical wooden houses overlooking the canals. Millions of visitors flock to the Grand Palace and Emerald Buddha Temple each year, the Wat Phra Kaew complex that houses the statue symbolizing the monarchy.

Among the most famous monuments, Wat Arun, the Temple of Dawn, which lights up with a thousand lights at night, stands out. Do not miss a walk through the rural canals, called klongs, full of life: the floating markets, such as Damnoen Saduak, are very folkloristic, where you can immerse yourself in tradition aboard the typical long-tail boats.

Bangkok is full of markets and stalls where you can buy everything: the most popular place to shop is the huge Chatuchak market, also known as the weekend market. Famous for its vibrant nightlife, the city has thousands of restaurants where you can enjoy spicy Thai specialties and all kinds of delicacies, oriental and others. Bangkok is a city that thrives on contrasts, chaotic and spiritual at the same time: all that remains is to get lost in its labyrinth of alleys, face to face with Thai monks dressed in the typical saffron-colored robes.


The island of Koh Samui is the third largest in Thailand and is known for its coconut trees: the latter not only enrich the landscape, but also represent the maximum height at which construction can be carried out. An incentive to preserve the pristine beauty of the island, originally “colonized” by hippies and struck by its wild appearance.

The mountain range it runs through is covered in dense jungle, which you can enter with the help of local guides. Elephant safaris on the coast are also highly sought after, an ecological alternative to the classic jeep that allows you to admire some of the most beautiful views, such as the Na Muang waterfalls. Chaweng Beach tops the list of the most alluring beaches for its iconic beauty and full services, including luxury spa resorts. Lamai Beach is also fantastic, less crowded and also equipped with bungalows, restaurants and massage centers.


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