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What to see in Phuket

Phuket is one of the most known and visited places by tourists who decide to spend their holidays in Thailand. The reasons are many: there is a lot to do and see, the landscapes and beaches are nothing short of heavenly, the people are friendly and the tourist reception is at the highest levels. Today we will take you to discover some of the most beautiful things to see and do!

Big Buddha

South of Phuket, a huge Buddha statue rises above the peninsula’s skyline and is clearly visible from various points, including from Phuket Town, for example. It is in Chalong that the Big Buddha is one of the most loved attractions in all of Phuket by both locals and tourists alike due to its majesty, importance and, of course, beauty.

This imposing and elegant 45 meter white statue depicts the Buddha in one of his classic poses and stands on top of a hill from which you can enjoy a 360 ° view of Phuket and several beaches of the southern bay, also belongs to the sacred complex , which also includes a small shrine, known to Thais by the unspoken name of Phra Putthamingmongkhol-akenagakhiri.

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Khao Phra Thaeo National Park

It is located in the northwest of Phuket and is one of the green parks surrounding the island. It is home to several waterfalls, including Ton Sai, which is easily accessible as it is close to the park entrance. Self-guided tours are possible, short and easy, lasting 1 or 2 hours in the forest or more, about 4 hours, with a guide who you will find at the entrance of the most spectacular waterfalls in Bang Pae.

It can be visited for free and is easily accessible by taxi. It is a particularly interesting and fun visit also for children, as inside this park there is the Gibbon Rehabilitation Project, a rehabilitation center for gibbons, a species of monkeys unfortunately widely used and used to entertain tourists on the beach. The Center takes care of collecting them and making them return to a peaceful life in contact with nature.

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Phang-Nga Bay

Probably such a complicated name doesn’t say anything, but if we called it James Bond Beach instead, we would definitely remember the famous beach from the famous Hollywood movie. Phang-Nga Bay is home to some of Thailand’s most beautiful beaches and is a must-see for visitors to Phuket.

Among the tall chimneys that emerge from inevitably crystalline waters, white sand, coral reefs, palm trees, rich vegetation, lagoons hidden among the mangroves, this bay is a true paradise of biodiversity and it is impossible not to be fascinated. Every day, the Phang-Nga Bay welcomes many boats full of tourists ready to explore the caves, cliffs, various landscapes and the seabed that are home to the rare Dugong.

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Tempio Wat Chalong

An unforgettable Thai attraction wherever you go are the Buddhist temples. In Phuket, Wat Chalong is the most famous and the most important! This temple dates back to 1800 and is of great historical and religious importance for the population.

The complex was in fact built during the reign of King Rama V, a period in which the inhabitants went to the temple to ask for care and advice. Inside is also a fragment of the Buddha’s bone.

The entire complex is beautifully finished and elegant, with sophisticated architectural details such as pieces of stained glass, pagodas and rich decorations. Entering the top floor of the tallest building, Chedi, you can see the entire temple complex and even the Great Buddha Hill, from the terrace.

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Sirinat National Park

Another beautiful and wild park in Phuket is Sirinat National Park, which covers a land area and a marina of 180 square kilometers in total, also located in the north of the peninsula. The park includes the beautiful white beaches of Hat Nai Thon, Hat Nai Yang, Hat Mai Khao and Hat Sai Kaeo, sea turtle breeding sites from November to February, and great spots to observe the colorful and varied coral reefs.

As for the interior, the park includes a small mangrove forest and several tropical trees that are home to many bird species such as the robin, the spotted pigeon, the oriole and the Asian bluebird. Considering the wide offer of Sirinat Park, the activities that can be practiced are many: kayaking, diving, snorkeling, hiking trails and boat trips!

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