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What to eat in Barbados

It cannot be said that you have known the country at its best without knowing its culture and traditions, all the peculiarities that pass through the cuisine. An unwritten rule that I always repeat and that is absolutely relevant even for a dream place like Barbados. Here, what happens in the kitchen involves a series of rituals handed down from generation to generation, and healthy eating plays an important role in society.

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Flying fish & coucou

It is a national dish, so it is even more important that it is well prepared. One of the places to try might be the Waterfront Café. Prepared with fried or grilled flying fish accompanied by cornmeal and okra. The latter is a typical tropical vegetable. Season with tomato sauce, onion, garlic and spices. Like Italian polenta, coucou is an ancient dish that has been introduced to the island by African slaves since 1644.

Pudding and souse a Lemon Arbour

On Saturdays in Barbados they prefer this dish, which is a great dish for those who want to try Barbadian cuisine. It is made with pork marinated in lime juice, cucumber and onion and served with breaded fruit and spice pudding. One of the best places to sample this delight is The Village Bar in Lemon Arbor.

Bajan cutter da Cuz’s

They are small sandwiches prepared with the typical salty bread of the island. They are stuffed with a variety of ingredients, ranging from fish, cheese and eggs, and topped with pepper sauce. Try them at Cuz’s Cutters, a small wooden kiosk located near Pepples Beach.

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Mount Gay Rum

It is the oldest rum in the world, produced on site for over 300 years. Interested tourists can also try the mini tasting course and visit the distilleries on the coast opposite San Michele.

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Pigtail BBQ

Let’s talk about street food, so check out the Barbados kiosks. It is a pork tail cooked on the grill and served with a sweet barbecue sauce or with rice and peas.


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