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Visiting Seattle as a Grey’s Anatomy fan can do

If you visit Seattle and you are a fan of Grey’s Anatomy you must necessarily visit the places that made the TV series famous in its 18th season, between love, betrayal and recently also going through the pandemic, while fans continue to follow the events of the stainless protagonists.

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In addition to Meredith, always in splendid shape despite 18 seasons, the hidden protagonist of the series is certainly the emerald city, the splendid Seattle.

I’ll take you by the hand to the most iconic places in the series.

Let’s start with the hospital. For the exterior of the hospital in Gray’s Anatomy something of Seattle is recognizable and it is the Fisher Plaza or KOMO Plaza in Seattle, where helicopters usually land, which is actually the home of a television station.

Unmarked the first point we head towards Meredith’s house, the Intern House, which is located at 303 W Comstock Street. Beware that it is a private house, do not stop for hours to take selfies or to bother the real inhabitants.

Certainly you had planned it, but if not, you cannot miss the recently rebuilt Waterfront, with the grandiose Ferris wheel. From here you can also see getting on one of the Seattle Ferry Boats so dear to former protagonist Derek Sheperd. Ferries take you to many places across the bay and I highly recommend that you get on at least one, to enjoy the sea and the view of the city skyline from a privileged point.

You can take great pictures .. but be careful not to shake them too much, given the sway of the ship.

Another place you may have seen in the TV Movie is Kerry Park, from where you can also enjoy a splendid view of the city and the Space Needle.

To reach the last point of this trip in search of the iconic places of Gray’s Anatomy, you have to get into a car and go out of town to reach Poo Poo Point. Usually the place is popular with paragliding enthusiasts, but the place is famous for the scene of Meredith and Derek’s dream house, all made of lighted candles.

A splendid hill on which you can relax and maybe have a nice picnic.

Obviously the visit to Seattle is not limited to this, you certainly cannot miss the Pike Place Market with the fish and flower market, the Seattle monorail, but above all the icon of this city, the Space Needle, for a ride in the future of retro-style flying saucers, heritage of the second half of the 20th century.

To know more about Seattle you can read Seattle, one day itinerary in the Emerald city, which you can easily translate with Google because it is in Italian. There are lots of news, curiosities and a fantastic map of all the places, including those of Grey’s Anatomy


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