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Travel UK: Holiday Rentals by Cherished Holiday Homes

When traveling in the UK self-catering is the “easy” option for many reasons: plenty of space, exploring beautiful sights, living like a local all make for a memorable experience. Booking a holiday home in the UK can be a minefield since there are so many companies listing home rentals in this country.

When traveling in the UK the “easy” holiday option is staying in a self-catering accommodation where you can enjoy your own space and experience this country living like a local. Booking a holiday home or a cottage can be a minefield and choosing between so many companies can be challenging.

So, where do you start? who do you contact? You’ll find lodges, chalets, holiday apartments and more right across their site, and they’re making new and exciting additions all the time.

Travel UK

Hotels are great when traveling solo or as a twosome, but when traveling as a group, be it friends or family, work or place I am sure you will opt for a home or cottage rental. Home rentals push you into local life and move you away from the tourist areas, so you will be able to enjoy and explore beyond the hotel accommodation. If you are the type of person that likes sharing your adventures with other people, vacation rentals are for sure your best choice. Create your schedule that works around your interests and needs, a chef can also be arranged during your stay and you can organise a wonderful evening celebrating your holiday. Staying at a home in the UK will also give that extra spaces where you can also have some privacy.

When talking about holiday rentals, the big sites and names come to mind immediately but you always have to be careful from fake listings to odd owners leaving you in total disappointment. That is what Cherished Holiday Homes prevents and strives to have the most amazing owners within their listings.

Founded in 2012 by Lesley Ainsworth, a passionate traveller who loves nothing more than always exploring new places,  Cherished Holiday Homes is a website where a community of owners and guests can connect with the click of a button. This is considered a fantastic tool easy to use from everyone that wants to enjoy the pleasure to visit the UK renting a private holiday home.

travel uk

They have home and cottage rentals in all of the UK including Scotland and Wales. You can search and choose your rental depending on your interests or needs like if you like fishing by a lake you should check at

They offer a huge range of private holiday rentals waiting to be booked so many holiday home options that you can choose making it the best way to spend a holiday in the UK.

The years of experience, professionalism and passion made possible for Lesley and her team to keep the costs low and their strength is the number of rentals and the quality of the properties they offer. Cherished Holiday Homes have a selection of the finest cottage rentals in the UK, can you image staying in a cottage-like the Garden Cottage at Fine House Farm surrounded by an abundance of wildlife including foxes, squirrels, owls, and deer, so much to explore including Derwent reservoir, Blanchland, Corbridge, Hexham, and Hadrians Wall. They offer the most charming places. They are also committed to remaining the home of UK holiday rentals and their mission is to assist you through all the rental process. From the lodges, holiday apartments and cottages they always keep their listing updated with all the details and also keep adding exciting homes to their selection.

You can check their work from the high number of reviews they receive and they pride themselves on their work. The only fee they charge is an annual advertising fee at £ 10, no booking fee and no commission to the person who books the rentals, their mission is to connect as many owners they can with the many requests they receive from travelers who can’t wait to explore the UK.

Travel UK

They do their work with passion and love, every detail is taken care of and they want each owner to achieve their success and promote their properties to the travellers that are eager to experience the beautiful lands of the UK. If you are planning to explore the United Kingdom you should go and start planning your vacation with







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