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Enjoy a remarkable desert safari experience in Dubai

Dubai is among the leading tourist spots in the UAE, famous for the many awesome attractions and powerful challenges when it comes to the popular Desert Safari Dubai. The Dubai tours are considered having the most adventurous activities with the thrill engulfed in it.

No matter what you are looking that include the authentic BBQ dinner in the Camp, Emirati entertainment, cuisine, teaching Bedouin falconry, Helicopter Site Seeing Tour or other things that would ultimately give you the wonderful option to enjoy in Dubai safari.

Desert Safari Tours

A desert safari Dubai usually lasts for five to six hours and you can enjoy both outdoor and indoor activities. Many tours operate in different time slots throughout the day like morning desert safari, afternoon safari with BBQ lunch and evening desert tour.

You can also plan different tours and arrange a package that offers flexibility and value for money. The desert safari is something you can’t easily imagine it’s an experience where you’ll explore the spectacular sceneries that glimmer in the rays of the sun.
If you’re seeking adventure you can take a cruise around the deserts in 4WD vehicles.

best quad biking tour dubai

if you’re romantic at heart you’ll enjoy a trek along the dunes on a camel. Most of the tour operators have pickup (from one’s home or hotel in Dubai) and drop back facility within their desert safari package.

A desert safari Dubai experience is exciting, thrilling, and absolutely sensational.

The feeling of being in the middle of the desert with nothing but sand all around you and the adrenaline rush just thinking of riding over the sand dunes is speechless. Don’t be a surprise if after the first adventure you’ll be wanting more.

Best time for a desert safari in Dubai

The best time to visit Dubai is from November to March, during those months the temperature is moderately cool. Summer months from April to October are ok if you want to take an overnight desert safari since nights in the desert are much cooler than days.

Desert safari dubai

New! Sunrise Safari in a ghost village

The newly introduced sunrise desert safari in Ghost Village , al Madam can offer you a great exhilaration and a splendid experience to remember for a long time. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to explore the buried village and its ominous history. It is located 37 miles away from the global city, Dubai. Experienced tour operators ensure that both your exploration spree and safari experience are enjoyable.


Life is not much long-lasting to wait for getting this unbeatable and remarkable experience of desert safari Dubai and you should always choose the best deals to enjoy your vacation. This adventure will leave wonder at the end of the trip while going back to your  home country you’ll carry the most cherished memories.

If you’re planning your next vacation in Dubai don’t wait and you should start planning your activities including this fabulous adventure.

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