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The most beautiful islands in the Caribbean

Think of the Caribbean islands and you will think of dream holidays, sailing boats and endless beaches, on New Year’s Eve, in winter and in summer, alone or on your honeymoon … And many, of course, they will remember the Pirates of the Caribbean! Today we will take you to discover some of the best islands in the Caribs!

Dominican Republic

Reachable with comfortable direct flights from Italy and located on the large island of Hispaniola, which also welcomes Haiti, the beautiful Dominican Republic has a predominantly mountainous territory: inside it is in fact the Pico Duarte, the highest peak in the Caribbean with its 3,087 meters high.
If you’re not into hiking, you’ll appreciate Santo Domingo’s luxury resorts, colonial-style mansions and, of course, dream beaches.
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It will be necessary to make at least one stop to reach one of the most famous Caribbean paradises, but it will certainly be worth it. The more than 700 islands of the Bahamas offer a whole host of wonders you could wish for in a small world full of wildlife, bright colors and fascinating traditions: from diving in the cleanest blue sea to elegant 5-star hotel restaurants, find it all!
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Puerto Rico

The archipelago of Puerto Rico, a territory of the United States without registration, is connected to Italy by indirect flights, but at very affordable prices. Spend a beach resort vacation visiting casinos and enjoying the vibrant nightlife of the beautiful capital San Juan. As you stroll through San Juan, you can also admire examples of Hispanic colonial architecture, a must see in the Caribbean, while inside there are lush mountains to discover!
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This small British territory is made up of the large island of Anguilla and several islets lost in the sea and decidedly little frequented. Its location so far from everything, even from the other Caribbean islands, allows you to reach it with a few stops, but if you are looking for tranquility and above all the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean, this is the place for you.
Small coves with crystal clear water, wonderful villas surrounded by nature, silence and local culture: can you imagine better?
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The island of Barbados is located right on the eastern border of the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, it is quite flat and has warm equatorial winds thanks to its remote location, which makes it a favorite destination for those who practice water sports such as surfing. and windsurfing. Here, with all budgets, you can enjoy your dream vacation. The perfect Caribbean dream!
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