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The best beaches in Croatia

A heavenly paradise, very close to Italy, the beaches of Croatia are waiting for you to swim in the most spectacular Adriatic. Today we will take you to discover the most beautiful beaches in Croatia, an ideal place to spend happy hours, relax and sunbathe. From Istria to the Dalmatian coast, this is an exciting and refreshing journey through Croatia, discovering unique natural pearls in the Croatian archipelago or coastal areas.

Zlatni Rat

Bol is one of the most famous and admired Croatian seaside resorts in the world, it is the first tourist resort on the fantastic island of Brač, it is located in the center of the southern coast and is one of the most beautiful corners of Croatia. 

Among the most incredible beaches on the Adriatic, there is the iconic Zlatni Rat beach for at least two reasons: First, it is the only beach in the world perpendicular to the coast. The shape of the head is based on the wind, the islanders are proud of the nature of the game and the tourists go crazy!

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About 90 minutes by hydrofoil from Zadar, we arrive in Bozava on the island of Dugi Otok in Croatia, the largest of the Zaza islands, which leads to the beautiful Kornati National Park. Even in summer, it is a sparsely populated Croatian island where you can spend a Croatian vacation and relax, especially lying on the sunny beach of Sakarun, a sapphire located to the north.

The 800 meters long white sand beach has a silky and shallow seabed, very suitable for families with children. Behind the beach there is a cool pine forest, which avoids the hot summer, and colors the already vivid landscape with green.


The Mediterranean is one of the cleanest blue seas, bathed in the beautiful Croatian city of Dubrovnik, Dubrovnik is the UNESCO pearl on the southern Dalmatian coast. The color of the sea amazes you, even outside the walls, it is so bright.

Therefore, you can find paradise on the white gravel of its urban beaches without navigating to nearby islands, such as Banje, which offers a unique postcard view: the crystal clear sea and beyond the city walls. This is a Croatian beach, which becomes the favorite beach of young people at sunset, with music, colors and cocktails.

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Miracles and myths coexist and it is located on the island of Mljet, a natural gem in Croatia, about 30 kilometers off the coast of Dubrovnik, Croatia.

It is said that this is the island of Ogygia, where Ulysses was captured by the fairy Calypso, it is one of the most desolate islands in Croatia, it is far from summer attacks and little known, but there are treasures everywhere. Like Saplunara Beach, it stretches for 1 kilometer to the southeast and becomes the largest sandy bay in Croatia.

In addition to the crystal clear water, it is a great place for rebirth diving. The beach is surrounded by a pine forest, which exudes the color and scent of the Mediterranean. It is an ideal choice for anyone who wants to survive the storm in a frenzy. Rent a canoe and get lost in the bay!

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The sea in Croatia is one of the most loved and preferred seas by the locals, and Brela is one of the fascinating and exquisite seas on the Makarska Riviera in Dalmatia.The city, there are postcards on it to visit and take photos. Your first shot must be its most famous symbol, and its most frequent theme is the so-called Rocca di Brela, the lonely rock dotted with pines, and then the crystal clear sea on the beach. The Rodrason Crusoe-style bay, with white pebbles and emerald water, is Podrače, look for it!


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