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The 4 most beautiful beaches in Japan

Although Japan has not yet become one of the most popular regions thanks to its dream beaches, you will be pleasantly surprised by the beautiful coast you find out here. In fact, this country has many beaches, and every beach is easily accessible from one of the big cities. From the beautiful wild beaches of Okinawa to the fun and luxury of the Kanagawa Prefecture, you arrived in a magical place.

1-Yonaha-Maehama beach

Welcome to Miyakojima, a charming paradise less than 300 kilometers from Okinawa. You arrived in one of the most suggestive places along the coast of Japan: If you are looking for a tropical paradise with white sandy beaches and transparent water, this is the place you need to visit. Yonaha-Maehama is one of the most beautiful beaches of the island: an ideal place not only to relax on the soft white sand, but also to enjoy the wonders of the tranquil seabed protected by an extraordinary coral reef, all to explore.

Miyako is the fourth largest island than the Okinawa Prefecture. This is a flat island, mainly sugar cane fields and some villages, including Hirara is the largest village and has many first-class bars and restaurants where you can enjoy the local cuisine. You can definitely try Soba Noodles and Goya Chanpuru.

2-Yurigahama beach

If you have never heard of Yurigahama, you will add a milestone to your itinerary in Japan. The Ghost Oasis of Yurigahama is one of the most fascinating and mysterious places of the rising sol: its peculiarity? Sometimes there is, sometimes not. Yurigahama is also known as the last tropical sandbar of the world, located near the coast of Yoron island in the Kagoshima prefecture. Among the locals are known as the “ghost beach”, sometimes in various forms and not far from the geographical position. When the tide dissipates, between spring and summer, this spectacular bask of continuously evolving sand emerges from the water and provides a spectacular terrace overlooking the turquoise sea from all directions.

If the tide allows it, you can take the ferry to Yurigahama only in certain periods of the year.

3-Yoron beach

Yoron island has a tropical scenery and beautiful beaches that make you think of being in a postcard. Walking in the transparent sea, you will have the chance to see clown fish that chas up between corals, and a soft white sand beach is welcome to the shore, prepare your towel. The island of Yoron is part of the Kagoshima Prefecture and is famous for its very charming traditional life. Surrounded by coral reefs, the area has an incredible variety of beaches. We have already mentioned one, talking about the yurigahama ghost sandbar. However, still remaining on the coast, just spoiled for choice.

If you have some time between diving, you may be lucky and run into one of the many local harvest holidays or occasionally participate in a sumo tournament

4-Sunayama beach

Among the beautiful islands of the Okinawa archipelago, it is a magical place. We are talking about Miyako, 100 kilometers north of the Yaeyama islands. It is one of the most beautiful islands near coral reefs for snorkeling and diving. The subtropical climate allows you to bathe for most of the year, which makes Miyako one of Japan’s most famous seaside resorts. We remember one of the most beautiful beaches, Sunayama, a white sand paradise and lush vegetation that grows on rock formations. The sand is soft and golden, really touch your feet! If you arrive before noon, the light will be perfect for taking memorable pictures.

The area is easily accessible along the paths on sand dunes. Although it is a relatively unknown place, Sunayama is still equipped with public bathrooms and showers to ensure maximum comfort to visitors.


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