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Simple Techniques for shooting better travel videos

In this life, few things last and are certainly not material goods. They are our travel
memories, the experiences we gained while visiting new places and the emotions
we earned by meeting new and exciting people. These are the things that survive
over time. But these travel memories can not only be captured in our human
memory; they can also be captured forever in a travel video story. In this way, you
manage to share with your viewers this fantastic experience that you experienced
while travelling, covering a considerable part of your overall experience. How do
you create a video that will catch more and more viewers’ attention, using some of
the most proven and practical tips?

The rule of thirds

A technique also used in photography, the third-party rule, can add more interest to
your videos. Before each shot, you have to determine the plans element on which
you will focus, whether we are talking about a person, an object or a particular
attraction. So, once you find the specific element that will star in your plan, then
you should make sure that it occupies only 1/3 of your recording screen. Most
recorders, such as cameras or smartphones, have a grid that can help you position
your shot correctly. If you want to capture more than one item in your image, try
aligning it with the other third of the screen to make the shot look balanced.

man taking photo of hot air balloons

Shot during golden hour

You know that the lighting in your shots is the alpha and omega. A backlight can
enhance or degrade your videos content, no matter how good the recording
equipment. So because you cannot carry a portable recording and lighting studio
with you during your travels, you should focus on your plans ideal recording
times. The perfect lighting during a day is presented twice and is called the golden
hour. This period is observed immediately after sunrise and before sunset. You will
have noticed that the lighting is so flattering that it improves the look of all things
in a photo or video shot in those hours.

So, you may think that bright lighting is necessary for a clear photo, but the
sunlight should not be above your head but should come from the sides so that
your shots have more naturalness and purity. Try to record your plans during the
golden hour.

Getting enough footage

Finally, having enough video material will give you more freedom and flexibility
in the process of editing and completing your video. Having enough time to record
material, you will be able to give the final form to your video more efficiently,
covering most of your travel memories. You can also use other recording and
editing techniques to enrich your video with shots that help tell your story. Another
critical factor in telling your personal story is clearly the use of voice over.

Using the voice over will be able to direct the viewers, giving more
professionalism to your video and creating emotions. You can always record these
vocal parts of your video yourself, but you can also hire a professional voice actor
who can offer you the efficiency and reliability of a professional in the field. So if
you do not have the time and are looking for an immediate and professional
solution in editing your videos, you can turn to Voquent company, which can
provide you with an experienced professional voice actor for any type of content
and language choice.


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