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Panama Travel Guide

Panama is a famous tourist destination located in the south of Central America, bordering Costa Rica to the west and Colombia to the east. Due to the economic power of the Panama Canal, the country is one of the richest in Latin America. The country is divided into 10 provinces, a very famous one is the island region of Bocas del Toro, then the coffee region of Chiriquí, the port region of Colón and the capital region of Panamá. There are also 6 other comarcas inhabited by the indigenous population, one of which is the famous island region of Guna Yala. Let’s learn more about this destination with Panamá Travel Guide.

What Panama is Famous for?

With miles of beaches, chains of islands on the Caribbean side, tropical rainforest and state-of-the-art architecture in Panama City, as well as the famous Panama Canal, it is a very diverse destination. So there is something for adventurers, explorers, beach-relaxers but also beach-surfers. This destination of Panama has been very much popular due to the tropical climate. To have a wonderful holiday destination under the sun, this place should be your first choice to visit it around. As this place is a mixture of African, European and American cultures, therefore, you will find the Panama’s traditions as the hybrid of these three.

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What is the best time to visit Panama?

Now the question is that what is the best time of the year to visit this destination! Well you should be visiting this destination during the dry season which is the popular time. It starts from December and ends at April. Tourists from all over the world flock here to grab the real fun of warm weather of this destination.

To make your way into this destination, make sure you book all your accommodation and flights as in advance. As regard for the affordable budget, the time you should be best visiting this destination is during the wet season.

What else to expect in your Panama trip?

Spanish is the official language in Panama. They have the currency which is named as Balboa (PAB), but the US Dollar is even used as well. 1 USD is just equivalent to 1 PAB. Hence, Panama is the destination, which is mainly a cash economy. You can make the use of your credit cards at just the selective hotels, shops, or restaurants. But you will be finding with some fair number of ATMs as well. To pay some small bills, it is always a better option to carry some cash with you.

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