Thursday, January 20, 2022

The Most Beautiful Cities in The World for A Second Home

Getting a foot on the property ladder is a big dream for millions of people around the world, and some of us are even lucky enough to be able to entertain thoughts of a second home. Having a second property in an exotic foreign location is absolutely one of life’s greatest luxuries; how amazing must it feel to wake up in one of your favorite destinations in the world? If a second home is a real possibility for you, then here is a list of some of the most unique and truly incredible destinations that should be on your list of considerations.


If you are looking for a modern city with great weather, beautiful and interesting culture and world beating architecture, then Dubai is the answer. The new favorite playground of the rich and famous, a home in Dubai will open up your life to a whole new set of luxuries that you might never have anticipated before. With news that the already famous Rotating Tower in Dubai is soon to be sitting along the skyline, now is a better time than ever to secure a property in sky-high city.

Mazatlan, Mexico

This is a beautiful resort resting along the Pacific shoreline in Sinaloa. With 21km of stunning sandy beaches, Mazatlan is also renowned for its excellent big game fishing culture. The center of town also boasts some beautiful 19th century landmarks such as the Teatro Angela Peralta, with some fantastic nightlife opportunities in the Zona Dorada district. If you want a second home in a buzzy location, Mazatlan fits the bill.

Siena, Italy

This wonderful city in central Tuscany is famous for its large array of medieval brick buildings. With a Gothic town hall and a stunning fan shaped central square, a second home in Siena puts you right in the middle of classic Italian history and culture. You can enjoy city life as well as the bucolic beauty of the Tuscan Countryside. The Italian way of life is something everybody should experience at some point.

Cape Town, South Africa

This famous port city on the southwest coast of South Africa is shadowed by the glorious natural wonder of Table Mountain. Cape Town is a place filled with rich history and culture, an ideal spot for a second property or holiday home on a different and interesting continent.

The great thing about each of the locations mentioned above is how relatively easy it is fora foreigner to express interest and start proceedings for finding a property to use as a second home. Investment from all corners of the world is welcomed in each city, and with such incredible scenery and culture on offer in each, the hardest part for you is making the final decision about which place to target!


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