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The 4 best ways to travel in Europe

From east to west, Europe is a blend of cultures, languages, heritage, architecture and customs across the continent. Travelling around Europe you will find many ways to enjoy the journey. There are many ways to travel in Europe, today we have chosen the 4 best ways to travel in Europe for you.

1-By train

Traveling by train is good for the environment since, unlike cars or buses, the number of passengers transported can be much higher and, therefore, harmful emissions are reduced. There are many possibilities for traveling by train to discover Europe. For example, it will be possible to consider the famous Interrail or Eurorail. It is a sort of book of passes to be purchased to visit Europe. From Italy it is very easy to reach Austria by train. And it’s lucky. This is because, for some time now, Nightjets have been implemented, ie those night trains that connect Austria with many other European destinations. Traveling by train in Europe is increasingly fascinating and it is an adventure that, sooner or later, everyone should have in life.

2-By plane

If you travel to Italy and Europe within the countries that are part of the Schengen area, you will need to show your identity card with a residual validity of 6 months from the date of your travel. If you travel to Europe to countries that have not signed the Schengen agreements or that are not part of the European Union, you will need a passport, except for countries that have established bilateral agreements with Italy. In Europe or on domestic flights it rarely happens, but in the case of intercontinental flights, one or more stopovers will be necessary before reaching your destination. Obviously, this is information that will be clear from the moment of booking and that you will have to take into account, especially to consider how much time you have at your disposal between flights and to check whether to take it more or less calmly.

3-By bike

The beauty of cycling is that you cross beautiful landscapes and carry out a constant challenge with yourself. However, it is not always easy to know where to go. If you are adventurous, sporty and a nature lover, surely you have already considered the idea of taking a bike trip. Cycling is a national obsession in Germany. There are more than 150 long-distance cycling routes across the country, while many of the country’s major cities have well-developed cycling infrastructure. The following three routes are among the best. Visitors to Vienna and Prague have plenty to do to entertain themselves in these two historic capitals, but for those looking to explore the medieval towns and villages that lie along rivers and meadows, there is now a cycle path connecting the two cities by crossing the Bohemian countryside for five days – perfect for a not too long bike trip!

4-On foot

A bit of spirit of adventure and adaptation, strong legs and light backpacks are enough to travel the most beautiful paths in Europe! Exploring the world on foot is a rewarding and sustainable way to travel. On the way we live in a simple and essential way; the slow pace allows us to get more in touch with the places we visit and the people we meet along our way. For example, the Magna Via Francigena is an ancient path that connects Palermo to Agrigento, a road traveled since Roman times, an important north-south link. A via “magna” because it is large and “Francigena” because it is linked to the Frankish knights, ie the Normans, the founders of the Kingdom of Sicily. Among the new European routes we certainly cannot forget the England Coast Path, the longest managed and traced coastal path in the world, about 4500 km in total. It extends along the entire British coast starting from the borders with Scotland and Wales.





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