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When’s the best time to Go to Costa Rica?

I received quite often this question. – “Sabrina: When is the best time to go to Costa Rica“?
I lived for four years in the Guanacaste region, also called the Dry Forest Region. The main international airport is Liberia (LIR). 
Playa Conchal was  a 5 minute-walk from my home: by the way one of the best beaches in Central America (” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>TripAdvisor).
Guanacaste has a long Dry Season that begins the first week of November and ends late April. 
During the Dry Season it doesn’t rain in Guanacaste, while in the other regions like Puntarenas or the Central Valley or the Southern Pacific for the most part it means a more tropical weather where it can still rains a bit.
November is a good month to go to Guanacaste, the vegetation is still green, the sea water is nice and clear. The temperature is great and it is not umid. The winds usually picks up at 4.30 pm. If you travel in November you’ll be able to avoid the crowd that Guanacaste and Costa Rica in general experience in December January and February.
Matter of fact the super High Season is concentrated in the two-three weeks around Christmas & New Year. Lately Easter week is also considered a High Season time.
In general during the very High Season everything gets very expensive not only the villa rentals but everything. Not only because of the prices, but because Costa Rica is a unique destination. From my time spent in Guanacaste, about the off season months I enjoyed the most  and experienced the best in terms of food, sevice, activities, beach escapes. I know what you are thinking…”but you lived there!!!” Yes, and I tell you that if you like to experience a luxury memorable vacation in Costa Rica you want to do it first end of November couple of weeks in December, March or July. If your travel schedule is flexible you should consider weeks during the months of November, first couple of weeks in December, end of March or July…….to go to Costa Rica
July???? Yes July!!!
Right in the middle of the rainy season or green season, Costa Rica, experiences a short mid-year, mini dry season. This “veranillo” (as it is called in Costa Rica) typically takes place sometime between mid to late July and the beginning of August. 
The entire month from July until the first week of August rainfall decreases. You experience a nice dry morning, everything is green, in the afternoon sometimes it rains just a little and enough time for a siesta. Great months for SportFishing!!!
Awesome time for a sunny day at the beach and also a perfect time to visit Arenal or the Monteverde Tropical Forest.
The Veranillo is true for Guanacaste but not for the Caribbean side, or South Costa Rica where it solidly rains.
September and October are the worst months, these months are very rainy season. 
The first time I went to Costa Rica was September and I can ensure that was the month I slept the all day….:) the weather, the lavish green and the pura vida were the three main ingredients to create perfect long nap breaks.
During the Dry Season you’ll enjoy the beach but you’ll be happy to schedule an adventure and explore Manuel Antonio National Park, home to over 60% of the world’s wildlife and the variety of colourful creatures.  Costa Rica alone is home to more than half a million different species. Further north, the mist-filled Monteverde cloudforest is unspoiled and otherworldly. A network of trails and thrilling zip-line canopy tours give you plenty of ways to see the surroundings. 
If you like surfing the major swell season is April to October, but the clean surf season is December to April when swell from deep antic lows reach the Pacific coastline with offshore winds a common occurrence. Playa Avellana, Playa Tamarindo, Playa Grande and Witch’s Rock were my fav….
Do you have questions or would you like to add some more details? I would love to hear from you, feel free to leave a comment. I believe that everybody should enjoy and have a great vacation experience!!! 


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