Thursday, January 20, 2022

Luxurious Family Holidays That Everyone Will Enjoy

Family holidays can be a juggling act. Parents want culture, stunning scenery and peace and quiet to recuperate.  Children want non-stop entertainment and unlimited junk food with an onsite waterpark thrown in for good measure. No wonder some parents choose to leave the kids at home when they go on vacation.  But leading neuroscientists now claim that family holidays are hugely beneficial for children’s brain development, the research even supports that holidaying with parents makes children happier and smarter. With these compelling reasons in mind, there are holidays that with a bit of planning, can incorporate everyone’s idea of the perfect holiday.

Go glamping

Kids love camping and spending time in the great outdoors and it’s also good for their health, but for parents who prefer a touch of luxury, getting back to basics in a standard tent is a definite no-no.  Glamping offers the perfect compromise. ‘Glamorous camping’ is ideal for families that want to have an ‘outdoorsy’ holiday but in style and visiting some sought after locations along the way – try Indonesia of Africa for a glorious glamping experience.  Luxurious tents offer the same experience of getting back to nature and camping out under the stars, but with added luxuries thrown in. Think real canopy beds, velvet armchairs and built in bathrooms – some tents even have their own private infinity pool.  Getting back to basics also means some added entertainment so here’s where the prep comes in. Plan ahead with some good old-fashioned games for family time unplugged.

Choose a hotel that caters to everyone

All-inclusive stays are probably the most popular choice for family holidays.  And there are many luxurious hotels that cater specifically for families; with entertainment, health spas, slides and food and drink on tap ensuring there’s something for everyone.  The best hotels know that everyone needs their space and are built with that in mind. Dedicated kids and adult only areas give everyone the space they need to relax. Parents should be sure to take full advantage of kids’ clubs to ensure they get time to themselves.

Villas offer more

One of the real stresses about taking a luxury vacation with children in tow is how other guests will react to the noise and disruption of, well, kids being kids.  Private villas can allow children the freedom to be themselves and parents the stress free luxury of knowing other holidaymakers aren’t being bothered by them.  To make it feel like more of a break for everyone, private chefs, housekeepers and babysitters can all be hired so that the whole family gets a break. There are some fabulous destinations to choose from with panoramic views, infinity pools and quirk architectural features, that will certainly make a holiday to remember.

Just because couples have started a family, there’s no need for them to put a limit on their wanderlust, or compromise on the luxury elements of their holidays. It just takes a little more planning and thought to ensure holidays are a stress-free, special time to make memories together as a family.


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