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Where to go on holiday in February 2021

To break the routine of winter, the best choice is to go on a vacation. The month of February belongs to the low season and is therefore often associated with discounts and promotional offers. Whether you prefer exotic destinations or prefer to lose yourself in the cities of art, do not forget that in the month of February two highly anticipated events are celebrated all over the world: the carnival and Valentine’s Day.

Punta Cana

An ideal destination to go to in February, Punta Cana is suitable for those who want to relax and bask in the sun. It is a perfect place for sports enthusiasts, as it offers numerous golf courses and other activities, such as snorkeling and scuba diving at Catalina Island; do not miss a catamaran tour with a stop at Saona Island. Inside the island, horseback rides are offered along paths surrounded by lush nature, or visits to Santo Domingo to discover the colonial part of the island. If you are the reckless type, you will have the opportunity to spend a day at the Scape Park in Punta Cana, a fabulous adventure park, or visit Manati Park, where you can interact with endemic animals, such as dolphins, sea lions and parrots.


The red city, as it is called due to the predominance of the red color of the earth with which the houses are built, seems to burn in the hours close to sunset. Once the capital of the empire of Western Morocco, Marrakech is full of historic buildings, mosques, palm groves and has a fortified historic center, whose narrow streets form the crowded labyrinth of the Suq, the market. Marrakech is an extraordinary location that offers places with magical atmospheres, such as the Jemaa el Fna square, a place of life, meetings and commerce around which the historic medina develops. The Koutoubia mosque, the Sadian tombs and the remains of the El Badi palace complete the visit to the fortified ancient city.


Tenerife is the largest island of the Canaries, dominated by the highest peak of the archipelago: Mount Teide, a dormant volcano. It has beautiful golden silica sand beaches and black sand beaches of volcanic origin. Holidays in February in Tenerife have a special charm, thanks to the world-famous carnival in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, which attracts millions of spectators. Excursions on foot or by bicycle are offered to Mount Teide or to the wild beach of Antequera, which can only be reached on foot or by sea.


When the cold hits, Dubai calls and the traveler answers. Yes, because the most luxurious city in the United Arab Emirates is the perfect destination for lovers of high temperatures and strong emotions. This flower that blossomed in the desert is a concentration of wonders with white shores that have nothing to envy to the Caribbean and bright avant-garde skyscrapers, among the highest in the world. Start the day with a desert tour and after riding the dunes bask in the sun on golden beaches, finally finish off with a drink in one of the many skybars with breathtaking views. And if you want to overdo it, go for a ski on the slopes of Ski Dubai at the Mall of the Emirates!


Mexico and clouds… and high temperatures! Let’s start our article on the best destinations to go on holiday in February in the land of the Maya, taking you to the renowned coasts of Yucatán. Here is a tourist resort where the sun always shines: Cancún, the “Mexican” most loved by Italians, with its white beaches as far as the eye can see, archaeological sites overlooking the blue and a wonderful sea with the colors of the sky. In February, the heat is not oppressive but a dive in the cenotes is a must, as well as a dip in Playa del Carmen and an excursion to Chichén Itza. Cherry on the cake? A swim in the company of giant turtles in the crystal clear waters of Akumal!


And then there are those places that leave you breathless, which remain etched in the mind of those who are lucky enough to see them at least once in their life, perhaps before they disappear forever. One of these is the Belize coral reef, in the Caribbean Sea, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which has a delicate ecosystem endangered by the hand of man. Before it’s too late, go see this wonderful coral reef and take a dip in the incredible Great Blue Hole, a 300-meter-diameter blue hole off the coast of Belize that has become home to divers and adventurers. February is the best month for a trip to this corner of paradise, prepare your mask and take off!


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