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Where to go on holiday during the Spring

When winter is coming to an end and the smell of air in the sun, the desire in summer begins to be heard. With the arrival of spring, the senses awaken, even if the hot summer afternoons are still a distant mirage! It is not said, however, that it is not possible to enjoy warm temperatures, beach and sea well in advance in the hot season.

1-Sharm El Sheik, Egypt

Today it is a well-known Egyptian resort overlooking the Red Sea, in the southern part of the Sinai Peninsula. It is hot and dry all year round, but spring, especially from April to late May, is one of the best times to spend your holidays in Sharm El-Sheik. During these months, temperatures between 20 ° and 30 ° are perfect and not as high as in summer. The water is warm, ideal for swimming and diving as it is around 26°.

2-Male, Maldives

The name that recalls only the heavenly beaches and crystal clear waters. The Maldives is one of the most popular destinations for those looking for a sea type of vacation and relaxation, for those who want to spend days sunbathing on the white beaches to drink cocktails between dives and discover the coral reef.

The first part of spring is preferred from March to April, starting from May there is a risk of hasty, even if they are low. The sea is a broth, the temperature in the months of March and April is about 28/30 °.

3-Miami, Florida, USA

Another perfect spring destination is Miami, a city in southeastern Cape Florida, characterized by a temperate climate throughout the year, although the temperature is ideal, often almost summer, but without heat and frequent summer storms.

The city is perfect for those looking for a social life lived with Cuban and Caribbean influences that are reflected in the clubs and smoke, which populate from Calle Eco Boulevard in the vicinity of Little Havana. Enjoy the city, nothing better than a scenic cruise! But Miami is also the perfect base to explore the whole environment, such as the Everglades National Park, and experience the sea, which has average temperatures of 26 ° during this period, and its most beautiful beaches.


A crescent of villages perched on the top of the caldera, floating in the intense angelic blue, which holds the secret of the myth of Atlantis among its brown lava rocks dusted with gray pumice stone. This is Santorini, the island that rises like the Phoenix of the destruction of the volcano and returns to dazzle with its eternal beauty. Pass between the Immaculate White of their houses and the cobalt of the domes of the churches, to enjoy the breathtaking sunsets and nightlife between Fira, OIA and IMerovigli, and don’t forget that this island is home to the most important archaeological site. Aegean. If you have dreamed of Greece at least once in your life, Santorini has been in your thoughts.

5-Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is one of those metropolis that disappoints without seasons, but there is little time in which to visit this magical city is even more beautiful: the cherry blossom. Don’t lose it if you can. Hanami is the Japanese concept called the tradition of enjoying the flowering of trees – literally “admiring the flowers” – and in particular of the cherry trees whose blossoms are called sakura. Millions of Japanese flock to the country’s sixty most famous places to admire the phenomenon.

The TV gives real predictions of how flowering will take place (such as the weather). Celebrations take place day and night – the trees are lit in a truly respectful way – from early April to mid-May across Japan. A visit to the capital and the use of these experiences is a perfect combination not to be missed.


These granite and limestone islands await you for a face-to-face vacation with the stunning Indian Ocean! Welcome to Seychelles, a great little coral world featuring a UNESCO World Heritage Site and shades of blue, more beautiful than you ever have. seen. Although a trip to Seychelles is possible 12 months of the year, thanks to its tropical climate, the month of April is perfect because in this period blows the sweetest alizats, those that come from the north-west, and this month is the best for diving and snorkeling. So pack your mask and fins and land on Mahe, from there go up to Victoria, the capital, then choose your favorite island.

7-Tel Aviv, Israel

Unexpectedly secular and incredibly precious Tel Aviv is waiting for you in April with its source smelling the Mediterranean. The beautiful city of Israel has a young face despite the preservation of an ancient soul, where biblical events interfere with Roman stories and are found in the streets of the metropolis now with the times seeing the luminous skyscrapers return to the sky and the skybar ansi At the celebration every day. Start your tour at Old Jaffa, an ancient Israeli city at sea, bought in its famous fleet market and if the Pulpo doesn’t suit you, don’t despair, here you will find wonderful fashion shops to dress up in style and roast the night!


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