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What to see in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is characterized by Marco Polo as “the most lovely island on the planet”. This nation offers practically boundless attractions and activities: from visiting old relics in the social delta with a background marked by more than 2,000 years to lovely outings to public stops, for example, panthers, elephants, fowls and numerous different creatures.

1- Polonnaruwa 

Polonnaruwa is the place where you can visit the most beautiful monuments of the island, all located in an archaeological site about 4 kilometers long and can be visited in one day. The center of the ruins is the former palace, and further north is the religious center of the city, the quadrilateral, where you can admire the most beautiful and evocative ruins. One of the most worth a visit is Gal Vihara, the rock temple, also known as Black Rock Temple, which contains a majestic statue of the reclining Buddha, about 14 meters long.

Ancient, Ruins, Sri Lanka, Polonnaruwa

2- Kandy

 Kandy is situated in the focal point of the island, it is the second biggest city in Sri Lanka and the social capital of the island. Unquestionably worth a visit is the Temple of the Tooth Relic, considered the main strict sacrosanct site in the country and the illustrious castle it contains, an enormous gallery of design (Museum of the Tooth Relics) comprising of the primary sanctuary where the Buddhist sanctuary is found and Dalada engineering in Sri Lanka, large numbers of which are long haul things given by contributors. Between the finish of July and the start of August, Sri Lanka commended perhaps the most dynamic and fantastic celebrations: Esala Perahera, which endured 9 days.

Gampola, Ambuluwawa, Tower, Spiral, Landscape, Building

3-Ambuluwawa tower

In the heart of Sri Lanka, a tall ivory tower emerges from the green mountains. Close to the property, you’ll find the influence of European fairytale castles, as well as Buddhist architecture. This is Ambuluwawa, a multi-religious complex located in the central city of Gampola, on the island in the middle of the Indian Ocean. The tower is located at an altitude of 3567 meters, which guarantees a bird’s eye view, not suitable if you suffer from vertigo. Being able to climb to the top means being rewarded by a breathtaking scenery: from the top of the structure you can admire the Knuckles Mountains, the Pidurutalagala, the highest mountain on the island, the famous Adam’s Peak and the top of Bilble Rock.


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