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What to see in Japan

The millenary culture and the charm of the sunrise are indisputable and every year attract millions of tourists from all over the world.
Starting from a futuristic city like Tokyo, there is everything you want everywhere, from the best sushi to the most crazy places in the world, the beauty of crossing the countryside, studded with wonderful temples that preserve the oldest traditions, and you can Levanto we won’t wait a little, the most beautiful beaches in Japan and the most beautiful islands, we discover together this magnificent place and its ancient culture.


Of course, we begin with Tokyo, the densely populated capital of Japan. For European citizens, this is a real world, sometimes alienated, but at the same time joyful and stunned: ancient fused traditions and adapted to the most advanced technology, historical temples next to skyscrapers and the most extravagant store.

The list of things to do and see in Tokyo could be infinite. First we tell you to look for all the architectural styles of the city – just to name a few, the works of Renzo Piano and Le Corbusier – and to visit some of the museums of the city, such as the Edo-Tokyo Shibuya Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art , and the Watari Museum of Contemporary Art, are part of the network of the most important museum institutions of Asia.


We continue to Osaka, which is the second most important city in Japan and is particularly informative because it intersects the dense network of channels which was the basis of trade. The city also has architectural features that combine Japanese traditions with modern Western architectural principles.

What you can see in Osaka is undoubtedly the spectacular aquarium with specimens of aquatic animals of the Pacific Ocean; Universal Studios Japan is the first theme park with the Universal Studios brand throughout the Asian region; Osaka National Museum of Art; And Shenennoji Temple It is one of Japan’s oldest temples and the first temple built by the country to introduce Buddhism to Japan.

To breathe the lively atmosphere of the city, the South district is an ideal place because there are many restaurants, local and interesting shops.


Nagasaki is famous for being the second city to have been struck by an atomic bomb and remembers the tragic events of Nagasaki Peace Park (Nagasaki Peace Park). The Nagasaki Peace Park is a commemorative place for all the victims of the attack and the black pillar marks the center of the explosion.

In the city, you can also see the “bridge of glasses”, Meganebashi, a beautiful stone bridge that runs through the Nakajima river in the center of Nagasaki, and a few kilometers from the city center, Monte Inasa offers a magnificent view. On the city.


Kagoshima is the Sakurajima Volcano City, one of Japan’s more active cherry blossom islands. It is also one of the most important attractions of the city where tourists approach or relax in the thermal springs and immerse themselves in the natural thermal springs produced by the volcano itself.

In addition to Sakurajima, Kagoshima has several attractions not to be missed, like the Senganen garden (which also includes ponds, streams, sanctuaries and bamboo forests), the Kagoshima aquarium with seven floors and dedicated to the history and the Rimeikan museum of local culture.


The city is famous because from here you can see AmanoHashidate (AmanoHashidate), one of the three most beautiful places in Japan, a white sand beach covered with marine pines in the coastal town.

It is not only a place with a strong visual impact, but also has some very important attractions, such as the Sanctuary of Amanohashidate, which according to the legend houses the eight dragons kings, the Motomine sanctuary and the Chuzheng temple. At the Bodhisattva Manjusri, the God of the wisdom and wisdom of Buddhism, and to the famous Isoshimizu. Finally, the famous suspension bridge connects the overpass belt to Mount Wenshu.


When you visit Japan, Kyoto is an attraction not to be missed. Visiting Guiyuan’s summer building and the Temple of Nishi Hongan, you will have a complete overview of the traditional Japanese architecture and decorative arts, because these two monuments are the best examples.

There are several temples in Kyoto: the Ninnaji Temple is a World Heritage Site, the Temple of Ryoanji has the most famous rock garden in Japan, Kiyomizudera is a temple of pure water, Kinkakuji and Ginkakuji are completely paved respectively. Gold and silver leaves.


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