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What are the key topurchase camping furniture?

A comfortable set of camping tables and chairs can greatly improve our happiness in the outdoors than sitting directly on a wet lawn or dirt floor. In the campground, in the park, at the beach, in the wilderness and on some uneven ground, so that people can sit down more easily to enjoy nature. The most important feature of outdoor chairs is that they are easy to carry, often with a convenient folding or disassembly function. There are also many camping chairs on the market, which is better?

Camping chairs


1、Small stool / horseback

This type of small bench is the smallest volume of camping chairs, the lightest weight category, many styles can be stored to the size of a mineral water bottle, very space-saving, in addition to being a bench, as the bottom of the storage box seat, rack high bucket and other camping supplies is also excellent, such a variety of small benches, in addition to the most common style of matzah, there are a variety of different folding stool design.

These products due to the storage volume is small, especially convenient for chopping wood, fire and other activities close to the ground, but also very convenient with the tuck and go, the size of the disadvantage is usually shorter, end sitting is not very friendly to large people.

2、The moon chair

Moon chair is the most common camping activity is also one of the most comfortable chair, it is characterized by the chair surface is concave ovoid, in line with the human body shape, sitting comfortably wrapped, especially suitable for the most comfortable and most relaxed posture, usually a quality moon chair are composed of aviation aluminum alloy bracket and Oxford cloth chair surface, storage is slightly larger than a small horse, weighing about 1 kg.


In the outdoors, the moon chair can adapt to most types of activities, whether chatting, eating, fishing, etc. This back has a slope of the style can adapt. Some moon chairs have a high back model, easy to recline backward, more suitable for longer continuous use of the activity, you can choose in accordance with the use of the scene.

3、Wood grain chair

This chair is the most stable appearance of all camping chairs, the face of the most can hit the style, whether solid wood or wood grain aluminum, a glance, and the real outdoor environment is not inconsistent, and the structure is strong and stable, solid wood style of natural texture is good, the disadvantage is the weight is larger, wood grain aluminum combined with more lightweight, the price is usually cheaper, suitable for users with limited budget, the pursuit of cost-effective.

4、Folding back chair

Backrest chair style is more diverse, but most of the metal skeleton plus fabric material, construction and home chair is closer, unlike the moon chair concave ovoid, these large folding chairs flatter, high stability, back curve is also more vertical than the moon chair, suitable for sitting with a higher size of the camping table, this type of chair is usually larger, the skeleton is also more solid sitting feeling more rigid, sitting high The advantage of large size is that the limbs are more relaxed, taller or belly users with more comfortable, will not have the feeling of nesting the stomach strangled thighs.

About purchasing


Camping chair mainly has three places with different materials, bracket, cushion, foot pad and link point.Bracket to take the more common materials are iron, steel, aluminum, etc., no matter which material is selected, generally after the anti-corrosion treatment. General aluminum alloy is lighter, in fact, this depends on the size of the chair and the use of bracket material to determine the number of, if the aluminum alloy chair is larger, then the weight is not light.


Bracket material selection has a certain impact on the weight, iron bracket weight slightly worse, steel pipe medium, aluminum alloy is the best.

3、Folding method

At present, there are two ways of folding the chair, a kind of trouble-free, the other is more trouble.

The first kind of trouble-free in fact, open and fold are very simple, 1 second to complete, when the storage of the four feet to the middle of a squeeze immediately gathered together, and then packed into a storage bag to take away.

The second is more cumbersome, a bit like a tent design style, it is a short section of the bracket poles inserted together to splice the chair bracket, and then the cushion hanging on top of the bracket, although it is spliced, but not fragmented parts, but there is an – an elastic rope in the bracket pole inside, so whether it is storage or open, are quite simple. The advantage is that this chair is generally very portable and mini after folding.


In addition to the way the chair folds and the choice of materials, there are two other points are very important purchase factors, one is the appearance of the design, the other is the use of comfort. Generally speaking, the more comfortable the use of the chair is larger. The more beautiful the appearance of the chair, the price is often slightly higher.

Camping table


1、Cooking table

It is a place that can be used as a kitchen cooking table to prepare and cook food.

Sturdy enough – cookware, ingredients and bowls can be placed on it without collapsing.

Multifunctional – set up storage, cooking station, dish-washing station, hooks for hanging camp lights, shelves for hanging cooking utensils.

Aluminum is one of the best materials for making a cooking table, it is hard-wearing and largely rust-free.

Please note that cooking or cooking tables are not intended for dining, so do not consider trying to use them as dining tables.

2、Dining table

Tables that are designed for dining use and can also hold miscellaneous items.

Tall – and able to provide more than enough leg room to stretch out and sit around for meals.

Sturdy – able to support the weight of food, drink and elbow support.

Lightweight and portable – there is not enough space in the car, so you need to choose a table that is small and lightweight after storage.

The dining table is a high use line of equipment that needs to be carried on almost every camping trip. Before buying, you need to consider how many people usually sit at the table and buy accordingly, the table top can use bamboo surface, environmentally friendly and durable.

3、Auxiliary table

Tables can be used for playing games, placing drinks or snacks, or for placing miscellaneous items. These auxiliary tables are relatively light, small, and available in a variety of sizes and heights, according to the needs of the choice. When using, pay attention to its weight and self-weight, choose a lighter and better weight-bearing table.

When using auxiliary tables, pay attention to two types of issues.

Stability: stable enough that items do not fall; outward sloping and low table legs will increase stability.

Protection from being blown away: when there is wind, place enough weight on the table.

About purchasing

1、The degree of portability.

The so-called portable is the requirement of light weight, folded to take up little space. Vehicle space is always limited, too bulky to carry up too painful.

2、The height of the table.

An easily ignored but directly affect the use of the experience of the parameters.

The height of the table if less than 50cm is “low”, 65-70cm or so is very good. Compare the reference value: the general height of the standard dining table is 75cm, the height of the knees of adults sitting down is generally close to 50cm. very important point is that the height of the camping table must match the height of the camping chairs, otherwise it can be too uncomfortable. For example, a 50cm high camping table with a cushion height of 40 or less from the ground camping chair is more appropriate, or the chair is too high has been bending over very uncomfortable.

3、Stability, load-bearing

Stability is usually inversely proportional to the degree of portability, before the basic consistency of materials, the more stable the structure is usually heavier. Generally speaking, the outdoor camping table weight capacity of 30kg or more is sufficient.


Mainly consider the material, the connection, the connection, the connection, the connection is good or bad directly affect the service life.



Camping bed

About purchasing

1、Comfort: bed material and structure construction is the main factor affecting the comfort

2、Lightness: camping generally bring more things, folding bed is only a temporary use, we have to take into account the lightness, folded does not take up too much space, the best can bag loaded, marching bed is a good choice.

3、Noise: since the folding bed is used in public, the noise when turning is necessary to control, through the process of assembling noise reduction treatment, so that the steel tube fit spacing is less than 1mm, in addition to special plastic foot pads to effectively buffer the turn vibration, to avoid noise.

4、Details: square tube compared to round tube, more solidity, the more horizontal support rods, the more evenly distributed force, fixed latch, can effectively prevent the folding bed automatically fall apart, the occurrence of danger.

5、The collection and spreading way: common collection and spreading way for two, three, four, centralized; relatively speaking, the same product, the more segments, the smaller the volume after collection, about saving space.


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