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Harvard Vacations Review Top Transportation on Grand Bahama Island

The Grand Bahamas Island is bursting full of wonderful places to visit and explore while on vacation. With an abundance of soft sandy beaches, colorful marketplaces for shopping, and authentic local eateries to try, there’s never a dull moment for visitors.

With a robust tourism-focused economy, Harvard Vacations has seen significant growth in travel packages and options for your modern traveler.  After Harvard Vacations reviewed the top cruise ships, hotels and resorts, it found the top questions to be about transportation once you get to the island.

By choosing a smaller Bahama island you get the ability to travel around the entire island without the high transportation costs. If you’re looking to explore the best attractions while traveling around Grand Bahama Island, here’s a list of transportation options in Grand Bahama to choose from that will suit your needs.

Local Transportation


Do you want to get immersed in the local Bohemian lifestyle? A great way to meet locals and see the island from the eyes of the residents is to use public transportation to travel around the Grand Bahama Island.

This local and totally free transportation operates from 7 AM until sunset and requires exact change. The bus fares are determined by the destination and below are the most popular.

  • Freeport/Lucaya area – $1.00
  • Downtown Freeport to Eastern Grand Bahama – $1.25 to $8.00
  • Downtown Freeport to Western Grand Bahama – $1.25 to $4.00



Taxis are conveniently located in most tourist destination including resorts, hotels, airports, and marketplaces. The taxis on Grand Bahama can be metered, which is a fixed rate by law, or you may also be charged a flat fee per person.

Typically passengers with two or more persons, or luggage, are charged surcharges or flat rates per person. Rates within the Freeport/Lucaya area are $11-$24 for two passengers. Taxis are available by phone or can be found within the streets or common areas.

*Helpful tip* make friends with your taxi driver. They want to earn your business while you’re staying on the island. Tourists will often exchange phone numbers with taxis drivers, give details, and times for planned activities and have a personal taxi to take you to your destinations during your stay.


  • Car: On Grand Bahama Island you must be 21 years old with a valid driver’s license for all rentals. To find the best rental car Freeport Bahamas has to offer, visit the Grand Bahama International Airport.

*Helpful tip* Vehicles on the island keep to the left side of the road

  • Scooters: A perfect way to enjoy the local scenery while traveling around Grand Bahama Island. Sneak off along the coastline to find secret beaches, perfect for catching great views at dawn or dusk. Scooter rental depots can be found at Port Lucaya Marketplace at the Tourist Information Center.
  • Bikes: You will also find bicycle rentals at the Port Lucaya Marketplace in the Tourist Information Center.

Travel Around Grand Bahama Island

Plan ahead if you’re looking to book transportation services before getting to the island. To do so, contact these trusted transportation vendors:

Best Island Travel and Tours (242) 373-3991

Elite Travel and Tours (242) 351-4004

Forbes Charter (242) 352-9311

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