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What is Bodrum Like?

Everyone who dreams to experience an unforgettable holiday must go to Turkey at least once. After you experience a vacation in Turkey, once, you probably want to go back over and over again. Turkey is a bridge between Europe and Asia: a crossroads of civilizations.

From 12,000 B.C. to the 21st Century A.D., there were many civilisations living in this land bringing and leaving so many different cultures.

Bodrum is a peninsula of Turkey that is considered one of the most picturesque places in the country. It covers a large part on the Aegean coast of Turkey opposite the Greek Island of Kos with sugar-cubed houses dotted over the green hills. This peninsula is renowned in the sailing and yachting industry and also for the many beautiful villages spread over the coast. Turkish or international celebrities love to spend their vacation in Bodrum.

Below we are giving you some further details and resources including the basics travel details.

If you are traveling from other areas within Turkey, Bodrum is very easy to reach. If you are flying from other countries it is better before you arrive in Bodrum  it is highly recommended to book your transfer in advance to secure the best comfort. Bodrum airport serves domestic and international flights and from there, most resorts and luxury hotels are within a short drive, possibly another reason why it is so popular.

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Luxury Resorts and villas

Bodrum not only has avoided much of the high-rise development but it’s also home to elegant hotels, villas and resorts with a lively array of excellent restaurants and busy bars peppered across the peninsula. Bodrum boasts chic resorts like Amanruya, Caresse (a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa), Mandarin Oriental, Divan name a few.

Getting Around

During the summer, there are buses available that you can take to move around, the resorts and hotels also offer transfers among the most beautiful towns in the peninsula. The best way though is for sure renting a car, Bodrum is very easy and safe to drive. Otherwise, yellow-metered taxis can be called to your hotel or picked up from taxi ranks on the corners of most busy streets.

Food and Restaurants

Excellent-quality fresh produce is in abundance thanks to Bodrum’s mild Mediterranean climate and fertile land. The Friday market is really popular where you’ll find, depending on the season, fresh figs, pomegranates, peaches and oranges. The market is lined with great stalls that serve savoury Turkish snacks that are perfect for a quick bite or as part of an unusual picnic.  Locals stop for sesame simit (a cross between a bagel and a pretzel) and peynirli borek (layers of flaky pastry, spinach and cheese) before finishing their daily shopping. There are many stalls that sell snacks and local food around the castle.

Bodrum’s waterfront has some pretty glitzy restaurants and one we suggest is the Memedof ( is a good choice on the waterfront, offering a heavenly selection of mezze and fish at fair prices.

Kebabs are an important component of the locals’ diet in Bodrum. It’s not any old meat in a bun here – the sebzeli döner is a speciality of the town, involving meat cooked on a spinning skewer, lined with rows of potato and vegetables.

History of Bodrum: The Basic

Bodrum was one of the first places in Turkey to embrace tourism and part of the credit can go to the fisherman of Halicarnus, also know as Cevat Sakir Kabaagaçli, he was the inventor of Blue Voyage cruises. Exploring the area he laid down the roots for the beginning of the Turkish Riviera. He exiled to Bodrum in 1925, due to the fact that he disregarded the current political thoughts of that time, and he fell in love with this part of Turkey. He hired local fishermen to take him exploring while documenting his adventures. His friends joined him on the cruises and that is when Bodrum started becoming popular.

Places to visit in Bodrum Peninsula

Bodrum Town Centre

Bodrum town centre has all the facilities and amenities you could imagine. Everything is on your doorstep. From great restaurants to local shops it is a very amusing place to visit. Top tourist attractions are the 15th century Saint Peters Castle set at the end of the harbour and the Underwater Museum of Archaeology displaying uncovered shipwrecks and their artefacts, including the famous Uluburun shipwreck dating from the Bronze Age. Discovered 6 miles off the coastline of Kas on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, more than 22,000 dives were needed to bring it up piece by piece to the surface.


A small town that boasts a sandy beach, spectacular sunsets, a new marina, one of the best weekly markets, the old town part, and harbour front restaurants serving delicious fish and seafood. The large stone windmill on the harbour front is the local landmark and possibly, thanks to the laidback vibes, Yalikavak is also a popular place for British expats.


A small village Gumusluk is a great place to visit when in Bodrum. Popular throughout Turkey for its Rabbit Island and seaside fish restaurants. You will enjoy the cool summer evenings with fires on the beach waiting for sunset. For an awesome drink, you should stop at Limon Cafe where to enjoy the most spectacular views of the sea and the coastline.


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