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Things Not to Miss in Concord, North Carolina

Concord, North Carolina is a small town neatly located outside of bustling Charlotte. But don’t be fooled. Concord has a lot of character. From speedways, water parks, wineries and breweries, you’ll find a beautiful blend of history and excitement here. Today we will take you to discover the best things to see in Concord!

Memorial Garden

The Garden of Remembrance was purchased in 1804 by the First Presbyterian Church to build its sanctuary. Deceased members of the congregation were also buried here. Over the years, their congregation grew and with that a larger church was built in the center of the city. Over the years, this parcel has had several mounds and pits, but remains impeccably maintained to this day.

With rolling hills, old oak trees, winding paths, waterfalls, butterflies, carved holly, and intricately carved Italian white marble markers, it’s a great place to go for an afternoon. In these gardens you will find peace and solitude and you will leave a little more rested. The garden is just a two-minute walk from Concord City Hall.

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Great Wolf Lodge

From speedway races to water slides, who doesn’t like thrill seekers? It is full of adventures for the whole family. In Howlin ‘Tornado, you literally scream for joy through a funnel filled with water. Shoot the tunnel as you fly overhead with joy.

With names like Totem Towers, Racoon Lagoon, and Whooping Hollow, you can expect action-packed adventures and laugh-filled activities all day long. Make sure you rent a cabin while you are there. Everyone needs a home base as it traverses vast slides and wave pools. This attraction is easily accessible from Wendy’s on Sossamon Lane, just a 4-minute drive away.

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Cougar Run Winery

After you’ve washed away the remnants of nature, it’s time to sip a glass of cool, cool peace. With the slogan “From a dream to a less hectic lifestyle”, you can plan to taste the artisanal delicacies of this vineyard. This is the goal, right?

This winery started with a love of wine, has grown into a beloved hobby and has grown into one of the finest wineries the east coast has to offer. You can also find out how to start your wine journey here; they will prepare you everything you need! North Carolina certainly boasts some of the most fertile lands for vineyards, and Cougar Run should definitely be on your map to explore. The winery is located 0.4 miles (0.64 km) from the extensive Oakwood Cemetery, a 7-minute walk.

Charlotte Motor Speedway

This is where fans consume over 34,000 slices of pizza, 9,500 gallons (35,961.41 liters) of water and water, 13,500 feet (4,114 meters) of hot dogs and 309,000 pounds (137.9 tons) of ice on a typical weekend of competition. Visit the website while in town and see if you can immerse yourself in some of this fanfare. The circuit is a seven-minute drive from Taco Bell on Concord Parkway South.

For over 50 years, Charlotte Motor Speedway has set the standard for motorsport entertainment with the title “The Greatest Place to See the Race”. Each year, Speedway hosts three major NASCAR events, as well as over a dozen other events for automotive and motorsport enthusiasts. Be sure to check out the band shops and the NASCAR Hall of Fame as you go your way!


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