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The 6 most beautiful beaches in Los Cabos

Los Cabos is one of Mexico’s most beautiful beach destinations. Here, rugged desert landscapes crash into the sparkling blue sea. Read on for our list of the 6 most beautiful beaches in Los Cabos.

1-Medano Beach

Playa El Medano, or Medano beach, is the center of Cabo San Lucas tourist activity. The area is home to a number of high-rise luxury resorts, many of the all-inclusive variety, and boasts many palapa-shaded cellars and excellent al fresco dining options. The beach itself is almost always crowded, particularly during the Spring Break months, and is a great place for water-based rentals like kayaks and wave runners. You won’t find a parking on the beach, and the nearby streets of Cabo San Lucas can be packed. You may have to walk several blocks with your beach gear. But if you want to swim without worrying about your safety, Medano Beach is the most popular place in the region.Medano Beach Cabo 23 September 17 - Los Cabos Guide

2-Chileno Beach

The beach, conveniently located off the tourist corridor, is regularly rated as one of the cleanest in all of Mexico. There are cordon swimming areas and lifeguards during the daytime, making it suitable for families. The vibe is much quieter than Medano Beach, though some non-motorized water sports are available, such as kayaking and snorkeling. Bring your own food and drinks, as there are no restaurants nearby. Parking is free and safe.

3-Bay of Santa Maria

Bahia Santa Maria is located along the coast from Chileno beach. It does not have official Blue Flag status, but the beach itself is less developed than Chileno beach. There’s only one resort development on the sand, which is lined with rugged headlands that help keep the water calm. This makes this prime territory for snorkeling and swimming, without worrying about vendors or noisy boats parked in the waters offshore. Bathrooms and changing rooms are available, and the beach has parking plus a paved walkway leading to the sand. You won’t find pedestrian platforms on the sand here, though. In the morning, when it’s calm, it’s usually best for optimal underwater visibility. There are no amenities other than a dirt parking lot and a few beach vendors, so bring what you need with you.santa-maria-beach-cabo-18mar16-4066-2 - Cabo San Lucas Beaches

4-Palmilla Beach

Tucked away in the exclusive Palmilla development, this is one of the prettiest beach beaches near San Jose del Cabo – the charming town at the north end of the Los Cabos corridor. The beach is shared with the luxurious One & Only Palmilla, although the entire stretch of sand is open to the public. You will find lifeguards on duty, toilets and showers. The water here is not as calm as the beaches of Chileno, Medano or Santa Maria, so we advise you to check which flag is flying over the coasts when you arrive. On weekends, get there early if you want a palapa or bring your own umbrella for shade. There are limited food or toilet facilities available at the moment, but you can launch a kayak or rent a panga or fishing cruiser here.

5-Lover’s beach

Easily one of the most popular beaches in Los Cabos, Lover’s Beach has a postcard setting that draws tourists in droves. The beach can only be accessed by taking a water taxi from the Cabo San Lucas marina. Once you are there, you will find water sports, food and drink vendors, as well as plenty of photo opportunities with the dramatic Land’s End as a backdrop. We suggest that you prepare a lunch of your choice, some water and plan to spend the best part of the day enjoying Lover’s Beach and the impressive rock formations shaped by wind and water. Ask your skipper to come back to pick you up at a set time … all for one price. Be very careful here, the powerful Pacific waves and currents make swimming quite dangerous.

Explore Lover's Beach, a stunningly beautiful beach in Cabo San ...

6-Costa Azul

Costa Azul, just south of the San Jose del Cabo hotel zone, is best known as a surf beach and kicked off the boom in surfer tourism that led to major developments in the region decades ago. There are a few boutique hotels and simple restaurants near the beach, though other amenities are limited. Again, it’s worth noting that swimming here is touch and go – always be alert and check conditions by talking to locals or surfers that day. the best time to visit the Costa Azul is in June, when the World Surf League hosts its annual Los Cabos Open of Surf at Zippers.



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