Monday, September 25, 2023

Sleeping Under The Stars In Style: Three Of The Most Fabulous Glamping Spots

For most people, camping isn’t their idea of luxury or glamour. However, a new trend known as glamping is changing that. Glamping is a form of camping that involves accommodations that are more luxurious than traditional camping. It has encouraged more people to experience the great outdoors and provided a 15 percent increase in the number of travelers camping. So, if you want to take advantage of this luxurious camping trend, check out one of these glamorous glamping spots.

Sandat Glamping Tents in Indonesia

Located in Ubud, this fabulous glamping camp is a hidden gem with only five luxury tents. Inside, you’ll find an elegant suite with canopy beds, velvet armchairs, handcrafted Balinese decorations, and a modern private bathroom. However, if you venture outside, you’ll see that each tent has their own private infinity pool and is surrounded by lush tropical gardens that will help you become one with nature. As you stay in this exclusive campsite, you will truly feel as though Mother Nature is pampering you.

Ndaka Safari Lodge in South Africa

When you head to Africa, you want to be one with the animals. Well, Ndaka Safari Lodge not only lets you experience the wildlife but also allows you to live like a lion king. Hidden in the middle of the Nambiti Private Game Reserve, the Ndaka Safari Lodge is surrounded by 21,000 acres of Big 5 game, beautiful vegetation, and magnificent safari lands. It’s a great family camping spot where the kids can have a great outdoor experience and get close to the animals. After a full day of exploring, you’ll also be pampered during your trip. Your tent will open up to a lavish lounge room, a huge comfortable bed, and one of the best bathrooms you’ll ever see. While on your holiday, don’t forget to check out the sunrise from your window – it’ll be one of most incredible things you’ll ever see in your lifetime.

The Treehotel in Sweden

As a child, you may have built a treehouse in your backyard. Well, now you can relive those times in a more luxurious manner. Located just outside of Lulea, Treehotel is where nature and imagination run wild. Here, you’ll live in the skies and truly feel the effects of nature as the Northern Lights illuminate the sky. You can choose from many different accommodations, all with a theme. Live like an alien in the UFO treehouse or camouflage yourself from the wildlife in the Mirrorcube. Whatever spot you choose, you’ll be treated with luxury and style. From rooftop terraces to a sauna and relaxation area, you won’t want to ever leave.

Camping is no longer about bug bites, porta-potties, and wild bears. Nowadays, you can get close to nature in luxury and style.


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