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How to get from Zurich airport to Lugano?

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The city of Lugano is called Rio de Janeiro of the Old world. And all because it has a warm climate, parks are rich in subtropical plants, local residents are distinguished by the Italian temperament, and the atmosphere of the city has a cozy rest on the waterfront under the bright sun. The famous Swiss artist Hermann Hesse lived and worked in the vicinity of Lugano: the area really inspires and motivates. To get from Zurich airport to Lugano, you can use the following methods: train, bus, rental car, private transfer.

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How to get from Zurich airport to Lugano by train?

The trip from Zurich-Kloten airport to Lugano includes one transfer. At the Zürich Flughafen airport train station, take one of the trains to zürich main railway station. Tickets cost from 6.50 euros. Travel time from Zurich airport is 15-20 minutes. 

At the city’s Zürich HB railway station, wait for the train in the direction of Milano Centrale: it takes about 2 hours to reach Lugano. Ticket price: from 30 euros. To find out the exact train schedule, the cost of boarding passes and intermediate stops, please visit the official website of public transport in Switzerland at the link.

How to get from Zurich airport to Lugano by bus?

There is no direct bus from Zurich-Kloten airport to Lugano: the route includes 1 transfer. First, you need to get to the main railway station in Zurich. Trains run here from Kloten airport every 15 minutes. Then walk from the train station 618 meters to the “FlixBus Bus Stop”bus stop. From there, a direct bus number K986 runs to Lugano. The trip takes 3 hours and 15 minutes.

You can find out prices and book tickets in advance on the official website of the carrier FlixBus.

There are also direct buses from the centre of Zurich to Lugano operated by Gruppo Di Maio. But they follow a longer route: the trip takes 4 hours and 45 minutes.

Private transfer from Zurich airport to Lugano

Atob taxi is a comfortable way to travel from Zurich airport to Lugano. Drivers of our service are RTA certified, speak excellent English and follow a strict dress code. A personal driver will meet you at the arrival area of Zurich-Kloten airport and escort you to your car. Thanks to the extensive fleet of Atob, you can choose a vehicle of any class: from “economy” to “premium”. Comfortable minivans are available for families and large companies.

The cost of a taxi from Zurich airport to Lugano is fixed. It includes a meeting with a nameplate, flight monitoring, and a free 1-hour wait in case of flight delays. For a small additional fee, you can order a child car seat or an extra-waiting service.

Car rental in Zurich airport

The offices of the rental companies Avis, EuropCar and others are located directly in the terminals of Zurich airport. The cost of daily rent-from 20 euros. Requirements for clients: age 21+, driving experience from 1 year, international license. You must also leave a Deposit for the use of the vehicle. The amount of the Deposit depends on the car class.

Important: there are toll autobahns on the route from Zurich airport to Lugano. The fare is 40 francs. 

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How many kilometers from Zurich airport to Lugano?

The distance from Zurich-Kloten airport to the city of Lugano is 223 km along the A4 and A2 roads. 

What is the fastest way to travel?

The fastest way to get from Zurich airport to Lugano (in 2 hours and 45 minutes) is by car or taxi.

Is it possible to move the date of the transfer order?

Yes, at least 24 hours before the expected travel date.


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