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Four dream chalets in Europe

When we hear the word chalet, our mind goes to a snow-capped mountain, with
its characteristic wooden buildings and sloping roofs creating an ideal refuge for
all who seek it. Chalets are also synonymous with luxury, as the word chalet
also implies the meaning of the mansion, especially in the regions of Central
The modern chalets found in Europe are state-of-the-art constructions,
which provide all kinds of protection to the travellers who choose them as a
choice of accommodation, while also offering them high-quality services, which
cannot be compared with the other options of other accommodations. But what
are those chalets that really stand out among the hundreds of quality choices that
exist in Europe? Let’s find out together:

Zermatt Lodge, Switzerland

Perhaps the largest apartment in the popular resort of Zermatt is this five-star
accommodation that occupies the top floor of 320 sq.m. a chalet, providing
unrivalled views of Mount Matterhorn. Among the dozens of facilities are the
five spacious bedrooms (each with its own bathroom), private sauna and an
outdoor jacuzzi on the balcony, overlooking the much photographed and iconic
mountain of Zermatt. Inside, the wood’s warmth prevails, but a top leader in the
decoration is the fireplace in the living room, surrounded by a bench with a
mushroom-shaped stool, ideal for warm moments after a day full of winter
sports and walks in the snow.

Chalet Aconcagua, Switzerland

We remain in Switzerland, and on an island of tranquillity and luxury in the
centre of bustling Zermatt is this chalet, which offers the possibility of
accommodating twelve people in total. So close to the nightlife and boutiques of
the winter resort and at the same time light years away from the daily worries,
you can experience relaxing in the modern living room with the traditional
sloping roof with wooden beams, where you can indulge in the wonderful view
of the windows on the mountain Matterhorn.

On four levels extend 550 sq.m. with luxurious bedrooms, a large living room
with a dining area, and extra facilities such as a private gym, Turkish bath and
screening room so you can enjoy with your friends the movies of your choice.

The space rental includes an open kitchen of professional equipment, where the
chef will prepare dinner just for you.

Les Brames, Meribel, France

A rare combination of isolation, comfort and spaciousness in this alpine gem
can accommodate up to fourteen people in seven luxurious bedrooms. The sun
coming in through the large windows early in the morning reveals the
wonderful view of verdant mountains and highlights the interior decoration that
combines modern style and warmth. The chalet is complemented by a private
spa with a swimming pool, Turkish bath and special massage rooms, while
families can keep their children busy with countless toys and a private garden
for snow games.

The chalet tenants have at their disposal a whole staff, which includes up to
chauffeurs and chefs. It is a luxury that is definitely aimed at very few. Of
course, if you want a cheaper solution for your holiday in Meribel, you can
contact the company Erna Low, where you will find complete vacation
packages, which combine amazing prices and a personalized package of actions
and activities for you and your family.

Chalet des Cascades, Les Arcs, France

This brand new chalet has the ideal location for those who combine their winter
vacation with skiing, as it is built literally inside the ski slope. In the afternoon,
after a day of high adrenaline, while waiting for the chef to prepare your dinner
in the open kitchen that integrates with the dining room, you can relax in the
sauna or enjoy a tea in front of the large fireplace.

The Chalet des Cascades can accommodate a large group of fourteen people in its seven rooms, two of which
are suites. It is addressed to those who are fascinated by the warmth and
tradition of wood, but at the same time, are looking for a more modern aesthetic
for their stay.

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