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Best time to visit Mykonos

The best time to visit Mykonos is between June and September, where the climate is warm and the water is hot enough to swim. The climate in May and October is warm, the crowd is poor and the hotels are cheap. However, during this period, some hotels, restaurants, bars and clubs may be closed. Visit mykonos between November and April is not recommended.

Best Time for Good Weather in Mykonos:

Mykonos (and all the Greek islands) has the warmer climate from June to September, the climate is clear and warm and water is an ideal place to swim. The water temperature is during the summer months, with the hottest in August and at the beginning of September. Because most people go to Mykonos and related nightclubs, although time is still good, it is quieter in May and October.

Mykonos Travel Seasons

High Season (July to early September):Hot and sunny weather, lots of people, but never so many people without insulation. The price is at its highest point. The water of the sea is the hottest and the best for swimming. Ferries and flights operate more frequently. If you’re going to go to Mykonos (Mykonos) for nightlife, then this is the right time to visit it.

Shoulder Season (May and June, September and early October): Nice weather. The sun shines and it’s hot, but not as hot as summer. Tourists roam, but they are never crowded. Everything is open to June and September, but it will certainly be closed in May and October. The sea may not be hot enough to bathe in May and October.

Low Season (late October to April): This is winter, which means gray, cold and rain sky. A few hotels and restaurants can work (but enough). The ferry schedules and flights are very limited, although every day there is at least one ferry to Athens and Syros, there are usually no other islands, such as Santorini, Naxos or Paros.

When to find the best climate

Thanks to over 300 days of sunshine on this island, Mykonos is an ideal place to spend most of the year on vacation. Of course, you will discover that with the best time in May and June, when the ocean and the air warm up, the beach is still relatively quiet, because it is not the high season and is more pleasant to go out in the evening, I recommend going out with of sweatshirt.

When not to go

Mykonos’s climate is good almost all year round, but from November to February it becomes more frequent in a few months due to the increase in rainfall, and deteriorates because the wind tends to lower the temperature.


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