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Best Rides to Try at Universal Studios Singapore

First time to Universal Studios Singapore? Here are the best attractions you can enjoy with your family there.


As the days go by, the world tries to be normal, and so do you. Many holiday destinations are missing you, and so does Universal Studios Singapore. The place is ready to roll the red carpet and welcome you through the new normal era’s new guidelines.

When you have packed your belongings, put your mask on, and go somewhere, do not miss a chance to enjoy various fabulous attractions at Universal Studio Singapore. Here is that attraction that is worth trying and will bring you such memorable moments with the beloved ones:

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Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase

You will join on a mission with the superheroes from Sesame Street to fight against Macaroni, the Merciless, the most dangerous creature intended to take all the spaghetti on the earth. Go stop this intergalactic villain and his minion before we run out of spaghetti!

This colorful and eclectic ride is designed in splendid and lustrous colors that make you feel like being on a space mission with the funny Sesame Street characters! A ride for all people!

Battlestar Galactica: Human vs Cylon

Are you a thrill-seeker? This ride fits you! Engage in a high-speed turbulence ride as a human or Cylon! With the sudden acceleration and other shocking moments like dropping and lifting, the Battlestar Galactica: Human vs Cyclon is the best roller coaster experience you must have once in your life. 

This exhilarating ride is inspired by the TV fantasy series Battlestar Galactica. Thus, you can undoubtedly feel like being inside the true interstellar spacecraft. Remember that besides you must put the face mask on, you must be in proper physical health to enjoy this entertainment. Pregnant women, the elderly, and toddlers are unallowed.

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Transformers The Ride: The Ultimate 3D Battle

This 3D thrill ride welcomes you to the magnificent world of Transformers. Let’s save the planet from evil force Decepticons who intend to invade the Headquarter and steal precious things there. The children will love its thrilling nuance, and metallic colors spark from all the Transformer characters.

Get ready to race through the magical tunnel, exploring the fantastic cities, and battle against Decepticon. Such a challenging ride with Optimus Prime and other robots heroes!

Revenge of The Mummy

Here is the answer for those who crave an intimidating adventure against Imhotep of The Mummy and The Mummy Returns. Revenge of The Mummy will pull you into a world of total darkness. You will meet the army of the mummies and feel the creepy sensation through the horrible voice effect and the infamous scarab beetles that crave for your flesh. The answer is: can you get out of there? Or will you be trapped in this hell?

This high-speed roller coaster requires the rides to have a good health condition due to the sudden acceleration, dropping, and other dramatic moves.

Amber Rock Climb

Universal Studios Singapore offers the doors to enter many magical worlds you can only see on TV! This Amber Rock Climb attraction permits you to explore the rock walls in a quest for luxurious stuff and fossilized insects. The sensation of climbing the rock wall while finding the stuff will give you a bunch of satisfaction.

Let’s celebrate the holiday in Universal Studios Singapore with your family and friends, keep wearing the mask, and enjoy all the attractions there!


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