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All you need to know about Turks and Caicos

Probably when you hear about the crystal clear sea, palm trees, fishing villages and cities with colonial buildings, the first thought goes to the Caribbean islands, much sought after by snorkelers and water sports enthusiasts and the less adventurous, lovers instead of days in beach. in the sun and cocktails. However, even in the Caribbean, there are totally unexpected places, places that know how to amaze for their uniqueness: this is the case of the Turks and Caicos Islands, so different from most of the atolls bathed by the Caribbean Sea.

Where are

The Turks and Caicos Islands form a Caribbean coral archipelago located in the Atlantic Ocean. The archipelago consists of two macro-groups of islands: Grand Turk Island and Salt Cay Island; Caicos, on the other hand, includes 28 small and slightly larger dreamy islets and atolls. As this is a UK dependency abroad, the official language is English, while the current legal system is based on the Common Law established by the mother country. In particular, the island of Grand Turk is the political, administrative and cultural center of the entire archipelago and it is also here that the capital, Cockburn Town, has been the seat of government since 1766.

When to go?


It is mostly hot and humid all year round, with two alternating seasons, the hottest from May to October (when it rains the most) and the coolest ”from December to March. Temperatures are so high that the daily average is 28 ° C in summer and 23 ° C in winter. However, the presence of a breeze from the United States can lower perceived temperatures and make the climate comfortable for most of the year. Therefore, seawater also maintains a fairly high temperature, which coincides with an average of 28 ° C. Finally, remember that rainfall is less here than in the rest of the Caribbean. In the wettest month (apparently November), 120 mm of water falls on average. However, be aware of the risk of tropical hurricanes, which can be severe and sudden on summer days. From January to April, when the weather is pleasant without the risk of rain or excessive heat.

What to do in Turks and Caicos?

The dive sites and nature reserves (33 in total!) Are the strengths of this destination. You will also find many lakes, protective birds and various animals. In Middle Caicos, the high cliffs are flatter and overlook the beaches that are different from the other islands. The caves are excavated and summarized here in Conch Bar Caves National Park – you can explore the history of this place with a guide, which was once sacred to the Lucayan Indians for over 600 years.

Provo Island attracts travelers due to its wide, clear Grace Bay Beach, home to restaurants and shops, as well as numerous hotels. In West Caicos, divers marvel at corals and giant black sponges, while in North Caicos, beautiful uncrowded beaches emerge such as Whitby Pumpkin Bluff or Robinson Crusoe. You haven’t yet discovered Middle Caicos with its mangrove and pine forests, South Caicos coral reefs and thousands of lobsters, and Grand Turk and Salt Cay, where the transparent waters are populated by colorful fish that thrive in a coral jungle and where whale watching can be observed. between January and March.

Many species of animals and flowers live in nature reserves: flamingos, iguanas, turtles, various fish, corals, whales, dolphins and lobsters. We even meet wild donkeys in the countryside! From a cultural perspective, be sure to check out the naive paintings by local artists, whose vibrant colors and themes are inspired by the immediate surroundings. Activities to be practiced: golf, diving, water sports, fishing.

Why take a vacation to the Turks and Caicos Islands?

The Caribbean islands of Turks and Caicos are the perfect destination to relax, but also to immerse yourself in a dream atmosphere: they are in fact a succession of white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters.

But holidays on these islands are not just about relaxation: the things to do in the Turks and Caicos Islands are truly endless. Sports lovers, such as diving and snorkeling, can dive into the pristine sea of ​​the great barrier reef, one of the longest on the planet. It is also possible to try your luck with whale watching and bird watching. In fact, in the months between January and April, thousands of whales migrate to the waters of Grand Turk and Salt Cay where many pink flamingos and pelicans can also be seen.

Those who wish, therefore, to go to this heavenly place, can certainly stay in one of the many resorts present, such as the Turquoise Resort, belonging to Club Med, located in the north-east of the island of Providenciales, in Grace Bay. , the most beautiful beaches in the world. Excellent luxury hotel frequented by all those who, on their dream vacation, do not want to give up the attention of the staff and the countless attractions.



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