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Visit Tuscany in the Off-Season: 7 Activities you’ll enjoy!

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Tuscany is a fabulous region of Italy, famous for its picturesque landscape and popular with visitors who enjoy the famous cities, art, and architecture. The delicious food and great wine are part of the culture of Tuscany, and no one leaves without having experienced a wine tasting or a cooking class.

Some of the most popular cultural destinations and experiences are better-enjoyed off-season. And many of the food and wine events happen outside the summer months.

1. Olive harvest

The Olive harvest, in Tuscany, it starts in October and ends in November. During this time the high-quality olive oil is produced near or at the estate where the olives grow. The pressing takes place right after picking the olives. It’s a wonderful experience to be part of this process that will give you the possibility to spend time watching the process to make one of the most important ingredients of the Italian food culture. An olive oil tasting is for sure a superb way to end this unique experience. The taste you get when you try the Olio Nuovo is something you can experience for a couple of months right after the pressing.

2. Food Festivals

During the Fall season and winter season in Tuscany there are great food festivals where you can taste and have a great culinary Tuscan experience.

One of the most important and prestigious events taking place in the province of Pisa is the International Market and Fair of the White Truffle at Corazzano (a suburb of San Miniato). San Miniato is the most important town for truffles and you’ll have the chance to taste and buy one of the most prestigious food products.

Below some of the traditional events in October and November..check Travel Luxury Villas next week to discover the events in December 2019

Montescudaio | FESTA DEL VINO DOC | 1° weekend of October

51st Edition: DOC wine festival

14 niche wine producers right in the Tuscan region are unique as they produce near the sea right in the Val di Cecina, during this event 51 years of DOC nomination will be celebrated at this wine festival.

Camigliano | TIRO DELLA DRUZZOLA & SAGRA DEL GALLETTO | 1° Sunday of October

This is a very unique event, considering its origins were back in 1600, a small wood disc with an iron ring around the edges is wrapped with a cord and “thrown” ..the longest throw wins. During this event, you can taste the fire-roasted chicken and delicious wines of Montalcino.


San Miniato | TARTUFO BIANCO | Nov. 9-10, 16-17 & 23-24

4Exhibition Market Festival of White Truffle

Home of the truffle fair in October, this fair will be held every weekend in Novembre. It’s an International Market and Fair of the White Truffle. True aficionados eagerly await this occasion to taste hundreds of local recipes based on truffles, as well as savor the best flavours of the region.

Civitella Paganico | FESTA DEL BUCOUNTO | Nov 9 – 10 -11

First press olive oil festival

This festival is an ancient celebration dedicated to the Fall flavors, including the newly pressed olive oil and produced wine of the season. Music and markets are arranged during this event. The name “Buco Unto” is due to the fact that the residents of Civitella Paganico had oily pant bottoms after the first press. This happened to the fact that when the residents, in particular men, during the Holy Mass after being in their knees to pray, their greased shoes dirtied their pants, as a result, the bottoms of their paints were greasy.

Massa Marittima | GUSTATREKKING | Nov 24

Discover the Maremma through your 5 senses

We can’t stress enough to experience Tuscany in November at least once in your life, especially if you hike along the Maremma trails. The colors, fragrances, and flavors of the area are unforgettable. After walking through the vineyards, hills, and forests of the Maremma the tour will finish in a small town celebrating the new olive oil.

Lucca | IL DESCO | Nov 29 -30 – Dec 1 & 6 – 8

the flavors & know-how of Lucca in exhibition

Lucca in November is the location of the Il Desco-Sapori e Saperi Lucchesi right in the heart of Lucca every weekend. Enjoy the freshest ingredients and products of Tuscany.

3. Museums and galleries

During high season Florence and the most popular cities are packed with tourists, in the fall season you can enjoy walking and visit galleries and the major sights in more tranquil and relax way.

4. Shopping

The fall season is great for shopping and getting the best bargains. Our fashion tour guides will take you to the most famous designer brand shops including Prada, Fendi, Dolce & Gabbana to name a few.

The Mall in Leccio offers famous brand shops as well.

5. White Truffle hunting

The precious white truffle season starts in September and ends in December. Hiking in the Tuscan countryside during this time of the year is great. A truffle hunter experience is sure to give you a true experience especially if completed with truffle tasting lunch of 4 courses with great Tuscan wine.

6. Eating out

Between Food Festivals and culinary events, Tuscany during the fall season is the Food land and why not touring the best osterias and restaurants for the best Ribollita, Caccuicco or Wild Boar. We suggest including also Livorno and Pistoia for local food tasting.

7.  A day on the slopes

The ski resort of Abetone is a popular Tuscan ski resort in the Italian Apennines. If you like winter sports and nature you should plan to go there for a day. 50 km of ski slopes offer everyone a chance to enjoy a day of skiing. Even if you are not into skiing, Abetone is great to experience. Head to the Apennine villages like Cutigliano and visit this Medieval small town covered by the snow.

These are seven of what we believe Tuscany is a great destination for an off-season vacation. There are many other reasons to explore this region. Have you ever visited Tuscany during the fall or winter season? We would like to hear from you.

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