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When we talk about Riviera Maya Mexico, we think of the most fascinating part of this magnificent country: the exotic postcard sea with its infinite white and fine sandy beaches surrounded by green vegetation and the many places where the Mayan civilization was present, which is now witnessed by important archaeological sites of rare beauty. Located in the Yucatan peninsula and belonging to the state of Quintana Roo, the Riviera Maya overlooks 140 km of coastline on the Caribbean Sea, starting from Isla Blanca in the north to Punta Allen in the south and mixes the beauty of its enchanting coasts with a lush jungle that guards the ruins of the Mayan civilization.

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1-Swimming with the sea giants

One of the activities that can be done in Riviera Maya is swimming with whale sharks. This tour will remain forever in your memories. The whale shark season on the Yucatan Peninsula begins in mid-May and ends in mid-September. Nowhere else in the world can you live an experience like this: swimming with the largest and one of the rarest fish in the world. The whale shark is a rare pleasure for divers, most may never see one in a lifetime of diving.


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2-Go shopping in Playa del Carmen

5th Avenue is an iconic place in Playa del Carmen that brings together the main shopping centers, boutiques, shops, bars and nightlife of the city. In Mexico, shopping is much more than just a purchase, it’s actually a whole experience. In the tourist area, you will find shops and boutiques along Quinta Avenida, where everyone seems to gather for pleasant walks in the early evening. Once past the ferry terminal area, locally owned low cost stores vie for your dollar for the holidays with luxury clothes, Cuban cigars, special tequilas, crafts, jewelry and beach wear.

5th Avenue Shopping in Playa del Carmen: The Do's and the Dont's

3-Swimming in a Cenote

Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula also hosts tens of thousands of beautiful cenotes. For the ancient Mayans, these natural freshwater sinkholes had a profound spiritual meaning. Steeped in history, the cenotes are worth the trip. These cenotes offer a completely different underwater experience with overhangs, limestone caves and rays of light that penetrate crystal clear waters. The best Cenote for swimming is Ik Kir, Chichén Itzà in Riviera Maya.


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4-Visit the submerged museum MUSA

Born from an idea by the British sculptor Jason De Caires Taylor, this museum has welcomed the installation of nearly 500 life-size installations submerged underwater in the breathtaking shores of the Caribbean islands. If you are a water enthusiast who loves the fascinating ocean waters, you may have just found the right place for your next vacation. The reduced depth of some galleries makes the museum a great attraction for divers of all levels and for snorkelers.

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5-Go to visit Playa del Secreto

With exclusive and limited access, this beach that stretches for just under two miles is quiet, beautiful and unspoiled. Residents can use the services and properties of the holiday villa to enjoy this Rivera Maya beach. Playa Secreto is located just minutes south of Puerto Morelos and north of Playa del Carmen, making this location convenient for grocery stores and attractions, while still retaining a glorious part of a Rivera Maya Beach.

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