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The ultimate Cyprus trip

Enchanting beaches, archaeological sites and museums, the places of the myth of Aphrodite, monasteries and mosques, traditional villages, modern cities, seaside resorts with a wild nightlife, hiking and mountain biking trails and even ski slopes: Cyprus has everything you need to a dream vacation at any time of the year.

1-How to get there

On the Greek part of the island of Cyprus there are two international airports connected with direct flights to Italy: Larnaka and Pafos. The second is recommended due to the greater availability of low cost flights. Unfortunately, many flights are seasonal, only in service during the summer months. In the other seasons, however, the plane remains the quickest and cheapest way to get to Cyprus, even if a stopover at a European airport is required. On the island of Cyprus there are several airports, both in the north and in the south. To visit Cyprus you just need an identity card, both for the south of the island and for the south, even if entering the north Cyprus is only “partially” in Europe, that is the Republic of Cyprus is part of the European Union, while instead Northern Cyprus, or “the occupied territories” as they are called by the Greek Cypriots, have not been recognized by Europe.Cipro: come arrivare, come spostarsi e dove dormire - Grecia.info

2-When to go

In the hottest months of July and August during the day temperatures average around 36 ° C in the interior, in the Nicosia area, and around 32 ° C on the coast, in the evening they drop to 20 ° C and the breezes blow light. along the coast all summer make the heat more bearable. The best time for a trip to Cyprus to discover its cities and archaeological sites is spring or autumn when the temperatures are not those of summer, while for a holiday of sun and beach the months ranging from June to mid-October to enjoy the beauty of its sea.

3-How many days to stay

In October Cyprus is kept warm, dry weather with an average air temperature in this month being 25 degrees. At night the thermometer rarely drops below 20 degrees. However that without October precipitation is not – according to statistics, this month has about 9 rainy days. This can be very little rain, and fairly heavy rain with gusts of wind. From year to year the temperature changes, and predicting what the October number of Cyprus will be this time around is quite difficult. So go to an island in the middle of autumn, bring warm clothes – for example, a light jacket or cardigan. During the month the temperature changes, but only slightly. Thus, in the first week of October it is required to sentyabrski at a high temperature: in the day the sun heats the air up to 28-29 degrees, at night the temperature drops to 23-24 degrees. The water in this period is very hot – in the area of 27 degrees.CIPRO Cosa Vedere e Fare e in Quanti Giorni - 2020 | Arché Travel

4-Where to stay

Stay in the most beautiful villas in Cyprus for the most memorable vacation. Enjoy the comfort of a luxury home or villa in Cyprus. Whether you are looking for a beach retreat, a cliff-top getaway or a scenic retreat, in Cyprus you will find the villa for you. Choosing a perfect villa can be a challenge for many, so on CaseVacanza.it we have done nothing but improve the search even more. Once you have chosen the location, the dates of your stay and the number of guests you will receive the list of ads. Select on the left menu “Villa” and scrolling further down the services you would like to find such as swimming pool, washing machine, parking, hydromassage or terrace / balcony. Then select the one that suits you best: a prestigious villa, an elegant villa, or even more close at hand.

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