Best Beaches in Greece

The Best Beaches in Greece

What’s your idea of a perfect beach? Is it the absence of tourists or the presence of many? Is it the general aesthetic quality of the beach or simply its inviting nature?

Greece’s long coastline is home to varied beach types. While all have a certain appeal, tourists have their own personal favorites. The Corfu Beaches are popular for its share of breathtaking beaches. These are not good choices if you’re looking for secluded Greece beaches. These are frequently visited by crowds of tourists, especially during the summer months. However, if you don’t care about sharing Greece beaches with a thousand others, this is definitely a good choice as any to get that tan.

The Greece beaches in Lesvos are highly diverse. Some are bustling with limitless water activities, while the others are as quiet as the churches are, even during the summer months. If you want to indulge in water sport activities one time and have a quiet beach walk on another, Lesvos is a great beach destination.

Naxos is another good source of fantastic Greece beaches. This is where most of the splendid Greece beaches are nestled. The best ones are on the west part of the area because they are hidden from the north winds that ruin the heat of summer.

Naxos Sunset

The Greece beaches in Paros are just as lovely. Although only some may have gained popularity over the years, the place still boasts of some of the country’s most spectacular coastlines. The famous ones are usually crowded in August but are basically deserted on most parts of the year. However, the beauty of these beaches beckons throughout the year, nevertheless.

The Santorini Beaches are witnesses to the volcanic activity in the area more than 3 centuries ago. These Greece beaches are all uniquely different from one another with their white, black, or red sand. Strangely too, the black sand is said to get too hot during the summer season that guests have to sit on mats to protect themselves.

The numerous Greece beaches in Sifnos offer varied coastline features that are perfect for guests with different interests. The diversity of these Greece beaches also allows tourists to participate in the different water-related activities. There are also a lot of accommodations available for those who wish to stay nearby.

Santorini Red Beach

With the number of Greece beaches to choose from, surely anyone who is traveling to Greece will find one that is perfect for him. Otherwise, he can always beach hop until he finds one that would mean paradise to him. Some of the most beautiful beaches are those that can only be accessed by riding a boat. And while it may be a hassle for some, others would go the extra mile just to be able to swim in the nude.

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