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St. Barts Villas Vacation Guide

St. Barts is back in business: the St Barths Bucket Regatta 2018 was successful back in March. Everything was just perfect and St. Barts did what it took and turned on the perfect conditions for The Bucket Regatta racing 2018. There were around 20 superyacht owners with their crews participating and this helped bring some much-needed energy to the island, that is back from the devastation of two hurricanes last November. I believe the real winners this year were the people of St. Barts who were able to recover; they worked for the best results and welcome the 31st edition of the Bucket Regatta.

Although there are restaurants and hotels that are not open yet, there are many ready to welcome tourists in the island.

Where to Rent

Best location if you like to live the local life

The little capital of St.Barts is Gustavia. This town will make you feel like you are in a slice of Europe in the middle of the Caribbean with high-end boutiques and sidewalk cafés. The red roofs of Gustavia are its trademark. Another quite nice village is St. Jean, among the most popular, thanks to its excellent beaches, shops, restaurants, and entertainment.  Corossol (Swedish BoatYard in the corner) if you prefer a travel back-in-time moment. A more traditional and old-fashioned part of the island where there are artisans selling their handcrafted straw hats, an important artisanal tradition. Corossol beach is great for families and kids can often be seen jumping from the pier.

Best location for a family or friends reunion (large properties)

If you are planning a family vacation, a friends reunion, a wedding or a special event there are several properties available in different parts of the island like Petit Cul de Sac, Corossol Beach, Gouverneur, and St. Jean.

Best location for private chef services

St Barts villas feature large fully equipped kitchens with modern appliances and culinary amenity. There are many villas that also have BBQ areas. Depending on your tastes, you can shop in the supermarkets and in the smaller grocers, which stock local specialties, you can find regional fruits and vegetables or meat. To buy fresh local fish, why not wake up early in the morning and go to the fish market near the entry to Gustavia. You can buy lobsters, mahi-mahi, wahoo. or tuna. There are also 2 others areas where you can buy fresh fish from the fishermen, Lorient and Camaruche. You can also hire a private chef, that will be happy to cook for your some local dishes or giving you some great Caribbean cooking lessons. Don’t miss to try the baguettes and French pastries that you can buy at the authentic boulangeries, St. Barts is an overseas French territory, after all.

How to Get There

St. Barts is accessible by sea and by air, with a landing into Gustaf III airport. St Barts Gustaf III Airport has a short runway that means the airport is only accessible by small propeller aircraft.  From New York the major gateways to St. Barts are through St. Maarten and San Juan. From St. Maarten, hop on a 19-passenger, 15-minute flight via WinAir, and from San Juan, go luxe with an hour-long shuttle flight on Tradewind Aviation ($295 one way).  No TSA checkpoints required. Flight services are also offered by

Villa Castle Rock | Haute Retreats
Castle Rock Haute Retreats

Villa Wings

Villa Wings is a luxury home for rent located in St. Jean area that boasts beautiful views of St. Jean Bay St. Barts. The name Villa Winds is due to the fact of the architecture of winged rooflines.
St. Barths is a wonderful tropical destination that offers intimate and relaxed atmosphere and abundance of white sand beaches.
Plenty of places to relax and a large multi-leveled terrace.

Villa WIngs | St Barts Villas | Haute Retreats
Villa Wings | Haute Retreats

Villa Palm Springs

This exclusive luxury villa rental blends tropical and sleek contemporary design located between Shell Beach and Gouverneur
It boasts a two hundred degrees panorama: Enjoy the starts and the shifting blue of the Caribbean!

Villa Palm Springs | St Barts | Haute Retreats

Accepting now reservations for New Years Week and for St Barths Bucket Regatta 2019 (from 21st to 24th March 2019). Not to mention the Les Voiles des Saint Barth that will rev up the celebrations for its 10th-anniversary edition, which takes place from 14 to 20 April 2019.

When to Go

High season is December through March (especially the last two weeks of December) and the bookings must be made at least six months in advance. April is also a good month and end of November if you like to spend Thanksgiving week in a nice unique setting.


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