Marine Traffic: tracking ships and vessels in real time

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In 2007, Dimitris Lekkas had become interested in the practical uses of AIS (Automatic Identification System, a tracking system used on ships and vessels) vessel tracking technology and he had a strong interest in computers and ship spotting, this interest brought him to create the Marine Traffic.

Marine Traffic is the most important transport databases in the world, it boasts more than six million unique monthly users, as well as more than one million registered account holders.

In real time, the AIS equipment provides the unique identification, the position, the course and the speed that are transferred to the main Marine Traffic servers display via the website that uses Google Maps as its base mapping.

Marine Traffic not only provides the tracking vessel positions, but also the background information on vessels (where the vessels where built, the IMO number, the weight, and photographs), submitted by the community members voluntarily.

Marine Traffic Tracker

Marine Traffic is an important tool for business and research purposes and recently it has become an important resource for media organisations and journalists who have used it to collect information and reports on ISIS and the migrant crisis, it is also an excellent tool to assist emergency services with situational awareness and accident investigation.

Another great service was introduced four years later the, an incredible tool that keeps track of more than one hundred thousand vessels, they can be anywhere in the world, from the Indian Ocean to Canada’s Great Lakes. With you can see where a ships’s been and where it’s heading.

All people looking for AIS Live vessel tracking without any application, based on web they are on the right place

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