Monday, January 18, 2021

3 Things you should consider when choosing a luxury villa rental

There’s more to choosing a luxury villa than you just being a classy renter who seeks lavish villas with luring amenities.


This is because it’s not all that glitters that is gold and there’s a possibility that such villas are still lacking some key functionalities despite their appealing marketing campaigns.

Hence, it’s important to spend your energy, time and most importantly money on something you won’t regret. Below are three (3) things to consider before booking a luxury villa;

1. Purpose: If you are really new to the reservation of luxury villas, then it’s important that you give a premium consideration to “why” you’re renting a villa. Having an ideal experience is dependent on the purpose of your rent as that would equip you better with ways of enjoying the opulence and comfort of the villa’s amenities. For instance, if you’re traveling for a special occasion or family reunion, you might need a large villa as well as check for the number of rooms, nature of bath suites, floor plans and other essentials that are necessary for your exclusive enjoyment.


Luxury Villa In Punta Cana Travel in Style


2. Knowing where to stay: Familiarizing yourself with the luxury villa you intend staying is crucial for you to have a wealth of knowledge about the place. Lots of people have regretted their vacations just because of the ill-informed choices they made while making their bookings. The best way to know where to stay is through online reviews where you get to know more about the reputation of the luxury villa. Here, you’ll get to read the honest opinions of other renters about the true status of the villa (asides their entertainment facilities and pseudo-outlandish services) and decide if renting the place will have a lasting value for your money and travel experience. From the villa’s website and reviews, you’ll be informed on the strategic location, resident composition and true insights on the services offered. These online ratings also allow you to figure out if the villa has other indispensable attributes. Qualities that an extraordinary villa such as the architectural uniqueness, distance from the beach and other zoning allowances, unobstructed views and lighting of the rooms, the level of privacy, square footage, and lots more. Sabrina makes sure to inspect and verify the locations. With guests will interact and pay directly to the homeowners and on-site property managers. When we receive a request we always cc the person that will welcome our guests. We do work with the most loyal and professional people in the Hospitality Business. 


3. Making enquiries about the applicable rates, terms and conditions: It’s prudent for you as a renter to request for more details on the rates of your chosen luxury villa rental. Are some services (private chef, maid, usage of air conditioner, cleaning, tax e.t.c) excluded from your basic rent fee or not? Does the villa offer a comprehensive travel insurance scheme, cancellation policies, and security deposits that could guarantee your mind against reservation problems or damages? Asking all these and many more assures your dream vacation.



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