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Top 6 things to do in St. Barts

St. Barts, an overseas community from France, blends the sophistication of the Cote d’Azur with the tropical Caribbean setting. And while its reputation for being a playground for the rich and famous – models and celebrities. There are many ways to enjoy the island today we have chosen for you the 7 best things to do in st. Barts.

1-Relax on the Colombier beach

Colombier beach is considered the seaside jewel of St. Barts. Curving around the end of a headland at the northwestern end of the island, it’s secluded, sun-kissed and home to a turquoise blue bay that’s always dotted with floating yachts. The sands themselves are powdered coral. The path to the beach is nothing short of breathtaking, with a path winding through the cacti and rocky cliffs for 15 minutes before hitting the sand. The atmosphere is always very relaxing and the beautiful long and wide sandy coast is bathed by a turquoise, transparent sea and sloping seabed, ideal for swimming but also for excellent snorkeling. The beach does not offer any services or bars and can be reached either by sea, even through organized one-day boat trips, or by land, through two picturesque paths to be done on foot, one of which starts from the south end of Flamands beach.Plage de Colombier St barth | A C C E S S St Barth

2-Sunbathe on Grande Saline Beach

Tucked away in the rocky hills on the island’s south coast, Grande Saline is one of St Bart’s most secluded stretches of sand. Backed by a wall of grass-covered dunes and green hills, the place is hidden from any significant developments and towns, with only a few cottages tucked away among the palm trees and cacti above. This means that travelers trekking here can enjoy a certain level of seclusion between the rocky shallows of Saline and the rocky coves. The coast, long and of soft sand like talcum powder, is bathed by a beautiful turquoise sea, excellent for swimming, however being careful because it is often rough. The beach has a rather wild charm, is surrounded by a mountainous landscape and is completely undeveloped, apart from the presence of a couple of restaurants to be reached on foot which are nearby.

3-Have a cocktail in Baie de St-Jean

The liveliest and most fun-loving beach in all of St. Barts is also a real tropical affair, arching along the north coast just steps from the island’s airport runways. With the sparkling turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea in the background, visitors here can hit the waves on a jet ski, rent boats, or just do as most: relax with a cocktail at Nikki Beach’s iconic cocktail joint. This little bar-covered hut spills out onto the sand in a hodgepodge of bean bags, tipi, and loungers, serving up meticulously mixed fruit brews and Caribbean cuisine. Visitors can rent a chair at one of the facilities and you will also see some locals come here to swim. The water is calm, making it a great place for families, and part of the fun of St.-Jean is also seeing the small propeller planes taking off and landing at the nearby airport.La baia di Saint-Jean - Saint-Barthélemy

4-Enjoy the views from Fort Gustav

Built in 1787 by the Swedes as one of three forts to protect the harbor, this site today has the remains of a vaguely bottle-shaped lighthouse along with the vestiges of a stone guardhouse, cisterns and four cannons, two of which are on loan. from a Swedish Maritime Museum. The main reason for trekking here though is for the panoramic view of Gustavia and the harbor. Today, the site is recognizable thanks to the towering whitewashed lighthouse and the red tip that rises in the center. However, there are still some interesting remnants of the citadel’s former glory, from the dilapidated bakery house to the old cannon-encrusted bulwarks. Visitors can stand at the top and look down where pirate ships and naval frigates would once have fought in the seas.

5-Laze on the beach of Gouverneur

Right around the rocky headlands of the aforementioned Grande Saline Beach, this gorgeous little arch of ivory-white Caribbean sand is another contender for the prettiest coastal spot in St. Barts. Gouverneur’s is also highly regarded for its accessibility and there is parking on offer to visitors just a couple of minutes’ walk from the sands. The beach itself sits at the end of a small cove on the southern shore, glowing like a streak of magnesium in the sun and augmented by the blue-Greek shoals, patched up with the occasional shady coral bed below. Gouverneur Beach - St. Barth Properties


Unlike many other destinations in the Caribbean region, St. Barts is a real surfing mecca. The island is blessed with some big waves that cascade off the Atlantic Ocean and onto the rugged bays of the north and west coasts. Places like Lorient Beach, Anse des Cayes and Saint-Jean all have their own rollers, with perfect waves for every level of rider. There are surfboard rentals and builders all over the island. Windsurfing is also a popular pastime with the locals, and good waves and breezes create favorable conditions on accessible beaches such as Grand Cul de Sac.Surf a Saint Barts


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