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Auberge des 21: An Enigmatic Culinary Journey in the Heart of Saguenay Lac-Saint-Jean

The Restaurant at Auberge des 21 undoubtedly stands out as the culinary treasure of Saguenay Lac-Saint-Jean. Recently, I had the privilege of exploring this exceptional establishment through a nine-course tasting menu, complemented by the pairing of five wines. My culinary journey was nothing short of enchanting, and here’s why.

The Art of Discovery

What makes the Restaurant at Auberge des 21 even more captivating is the mysterious dimension of the tasting menu. Here, diners don’t have the option to choose their dishes; it’s the chef’s decision. You enter a world where each course is a puzzle to solve, where excitement grows as you decipher the hidden ingredients. At the end of each course, the waitress transforms into a companion on this culinary adventure. She guides you through the tasting, helping you unveil the secrets of the flavors that have delighted your taste buds, all while sharing the chef’s inspirations and creations.

A Symphony of Senses

This gastronomic journey began in a stunning fashion with a divinely seasoned salmon tartare, enhanced by a sweet touch of raspberry. The pairing with Château des Charmes wine was a true harmony.

The second course was equally unforgettable, combining seared veal brain with beet caramel, creating a subtle and unforgettable flavor alliance. Formigo wine perfectly complemented this masterpiece.

The third course plunged us into a velvety soup of chanterelle mushrooms and game birds, which ideally prepared our palates for what lay ahead.

The fourth course proved to be a culinary experience in itself. The dune peppered lamb, accompanied by hand-picked paprika from La Baie, was divinely tender and succulent. The Sangiovese wine was a masterful choice to accompany this dish.

A Gourmet Dance

After this first part of the journey, the fifth course came as an interlude, with a refreshing orange anise granita that prepared our palates for the continuation of this gastronomic dance.

The sixth course delighted us with seared bison hanger steak, paired with mustard seeds and old malt. Crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, this culinary creation was a revelation. Mesdi wine beautifully complemented the complexity of the flavors in this dish.

The seventh course also pleased us, with smoked migneron cheese paired with a blueberry puree. This experience allowed us to rediscover the taste of blueberries, harmoniously paired with Charlevoix cheese.

A Festival of Sweet Flavors

The eighth course was a pure delight: a blueberry tart accompanied by a blueberry verrine, a true delicacy. The Val Ambré aperitif was the perfect choice to crown this exquisite dessert.

The final dessert, an intense and rich chocolate mousse, marked the perfect end to this memorable culinary experience.

A Must-Visit for Food Enthusiasts

I cannot stress enough the recommendation for the Restaurant at Auberge des 21. Its attentive staff and elegant decor perfectly complement the quality of the dishes served. The tasting menu, paired with five wines, offers a one-of-a-kind culinary experience. Without a doubt, it is the best restaurant in Saguenay Lac-Saint-Jean.
If you are a gastronomy enthusiast, the Restaurant at Auberge des 21 must be at the top of your must-visit list. Let yourself be carried away by this exquisite and unforgettable culinary adventure, where each dish is a puzzle to solve, each course a story to discover. The Restaurant at Auberge des 21 transcends mere food to become a sensory and intellectual experience that awakens your senses and stimulates your curiosity. A complete gastronomic adventure where the unknown becomes a source of delight.


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