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8 Best things to do in Athens Greece

So many people ask me for things to do in Athens Greece that I decided to write up a list of my favorite things to do and places to go. Since Athens is a pretty big city, I can’t claim to have done everything, but I’ve tried most of the things on this list!

1. Visit the Acropolis

The Acropolis is the most famous attraction in Athens. It’s a must-see for anyone visiting the city.

The Acropolis is one of the most important monuments of ancient Greece, and it’s also one of the Seven Wonders of the World. The Acropolis is located on a rocky hill about 300 m (990 ft) high. The name “Acropolis” means “high city” and refers to its position atop this hill.

The Acropolis has been inhabited since Neolithic times (c. 6000 BC), and there are traces of habitation dating back to even earlier times. The first major buildings were constructed during the Mycenaean period (1600-1100 BC).

Later, in Classical times, a number of temples were built here, including the Parthenon. It was also during this period that other important buildings were constructed such as the Propylaea (the gateway to the Acropolis) and Theatre of Dionysos (the first stone theatre ever built).

2. Check out the National Archaeological Museum of Athens

The National Archaeological Museum of Athens is the most important museum in Greece, and one of the most important museums in the world. It’s a must-see for anyone who visits Athens.

The museum was founded in 1829 and is housed in a neoclassical building designed by German architect Ernst Ziller, which was completed in 1889. The museum is located on Panepistimiou Street (Athens’ main avenue) between the Temple of Olympian Zeus and the Old Parliament House.

According to tour operator DirectGrece, the National Archaeological Museum of Athens is the largest and most important archaeological museum in Greece. It holds an impressive collection of artifacts from Greek antiquity, including the famous sculptures of the Acropolis.

The museum houses a collection of over 1 million objects that date from prehistory to modern times. The exhibits are arranged according to chronological periods, starting with prehistoric times and ending with the Roman era.

The collection includes ancient Greek pottery, sculpture and bronzes; Roman art works; Egyptian mummies; medieval manuscripts; Byzantine icons; coins; folk art from around Greece; and much more!

3. See a performance of Greek Opera at the Athens Festival

The Athens Festival is an annual classical music festival held in the Greek capital and one of Europe’s most important festivals. The festival, which runs from mid-July to mid-August, features performances by both Greek and international musicians and ensembles at various venues around town.

The Athens Festival was established in 1931 by the Greek composer Manos Hadjidakis as a platform for new compositions. It has been held every year since then except during World War II, when it was suspended due to the German occupation of Greece.

The festival presents concerts by orchestras, chamber groups and soloists from around the world. It also hosts symposia on various subjects related to classical music such as opera, orchestra or ballet.

4. See a play or musical at the open-air Odeon of HerodesAtticus

The Odeon of Herodes Atticus is an ancient Greek theatre in the south-west side of the Acropolis of Athens. It was built in 161 AD by the Athenian magnate Herodes Atticus in memory of his wife, Aspasia Annia Regilla. It was originally a major venue for music performances but today hosts concerts mostly on the summer season and many festivals are held there during various parts of the year.

The theatre was originally built in 161 AD to replace a smaller one that was previously used as the location for drama performances in Athens. It was considered to be one of the most impressive structures in ancient Greece at that time and it is still considered to be one of the best preserved theatres today.

It has been used throughout history as a venue for various types of events such as plays, musical performances, religious ceremonies and even gladiator fights. Today it is mostly used for concerts on summer season and many festivals are held there during various parts of Greece’s year-round tourism season.

5. Stroll through Kolonaki and Plaka shopping districts

If you have time to spend in Athens, then you should definitely check out Kolonaki and Plaka. These two districts are located in the center of the city and they are famous for their shopping areas. Kolonaki is known for its modern shops and Plaka has traditional Greek brands as well as souvenir shops. You can find almost anything you want here!

Kolonaki is one of the most expensive districts in Athens, so it’s not a place where most tourists will end up by accident. However, if you’re looking for high-quality goods at affordable prices, then this is the right place!

The main street of Kolonaki is called Voukourestiou Street. It’s one of the most famous streets in Greece and it’s packed with upscale boutiques, cafes, restaurants and bars. There are also plenty of jewelry stores here that sell luxury watches at affordable prices (if you’re lucky enough to find them).

Plaka is another shopping district that attracts tourists from all over the world. The area has traditional Greek souvenirs like embroidered clothing or handmade jewelry made by local artisans who live in this district. Another interesting thing about Plaka is that it’s one of the oldest areas in Athens.

6. Go on a romantic boat ride along the coast of Athens

Take a cruise along the coast of Athens and enjoy a romantic dinner for two.

The beautiful city of Athens is a hotspot for tourists from all over the world. The Acropolis, Plaka and other historical sites are just some of the attractions that draw crowds to this historic place. But one thing that many visitors don’t realize is that there are also plenty of romantic things to do in Athens too!

Take a cruise along the coast of Athens and enjoy a romantic dinner for two. You can spend your time gazing at the beautiful scenery while sipping on champagne or other drinks from the bar on board your boat. There are many different boats available, so choose one that suits your needs best!

7. Visit the Ancient Agora, where Socrates taught his students about philosophy

The Ancient Agora is a must see for visitors to Athens. It’s one of the most popular attractions in the city, and it’s not hard to see why.

The Ancient Agora is where Plato taught, Aristotle studied, and Socrates taught his students about philosophy.

It was also where the Athenian democracy was born, as well as where many dramas were performed.

This ancient marketplace is beautifully preserved, with ruins dating back over 2,000 years. You’ll find everything you’d expect: shops, temples, statues and more!

Skyline of Athens with Monastiraki square and Acropolis hill during sunset. Athens, Greece

8. The Greek island experience – right next to Athens

A short ferry ride from the port of Piraeus, the islands of Aegina and Hydra are two of the most popular destinations in Greece.

Aegina is just one hour away from Athens: the journey is an easy one, and the island offers a relaxing experience!

The island is known for its beaches, but also for its beautiful scenery with mountains and pine forests. It’s an excellent choice for hiking and exploring.

The village of Aegina Town is charming with its narrow streets and old houses; it has been declared a protected historical site by UNESCO. The marble headland at Cape Kolona has a lighthouse dating back to 1865; there are also several churches such as Panagia tis Agias (Virgin Mary).

Nearby attractions include the Temple of Aphaia on Cape Kolona (it’s been dated back to 600 BC), as well as the remains of an ancient temple dedicated to Zeus. You can also visit the archaeological museum in Aegina town where you can see findings from excavations made on the island.

Aegina has several beaches like Pefkakia Beach which is sandy with shallow waters suitable even for children; KriosBeach which is rocky but has crystal clear waters; KastriBeach which

Athens is one of the best places to visit in Greece. It is an ancient city with old ruins and monuments which are just fascinating. There is a huge history behind the constructions and it attracts millions of tourists worldwide, all year round. It has a great nightlife scene and its bars and clubs have something for everyone’s taste.



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