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5 Amazing Activities You Must Do in Kerala

Situated on India’s Malabar Coast, Kerala enchants tourists with its coastal setting, verdant hills, and peaceful backwaters. The tropical state has attracted visitors for centuries with its superb beauty and authentic traditions. When you need a break from reality, Kerala has the right ingredients to help you detox from the modern world. From its ancient tea-making traditions to pristine waterways, Kerala is unlike anywhere in the world. 
India can be a fast-paced country, but things tend to slow down in many places around Kerala. Just because there’s a more relaxed tempo doesn’t mean your lacking lots of incredible things to do. Whether you’re searching for adventure or relaxation, Kerala is full of amazing activities to fill your itinerary.

Bamboo Rafting in Wayanad 

The 950-acre Kuruva Island River Delta hosts one of the unique Kerala activities you’ll find nowhere else. Join a guide and paddle down the Vythiri River on a raft made entirely from bamboo branches. Life jackets will be provided as you cruise through the gentle waters of the Wayanad District. Lush forests surround the tributaries, and the island nurtures many bird species. During the rainy season, bamboo walkways and bridges help navigate the rising waters. 

Most bamboo rafting tours last around one hour, but you can cruise longer if you wish. Don’t worry about getting wet since most rafts provide a cushioned seat with a backrest for you. The guide uses a pole to steer the raft from the front as you gaze at the verdant forests around the waterways.

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Visit the Munnar Tea Plantations

The rolling hills of Munnar are home to world-renowned tea plantations, and you can witness the tea harvesting process. From leaf picking to the tea factory, you’ll learn how the estates create their delicious blends. Munnar has over 50 tea estates, and it’s one of India’s prime locations for producing the popular drink. Wandering the verdant tea fields wrapped around the mountains is a spectacular sight itself. Hiking through the tea plantations dotting the landscape is a popular way to explore the scenic area. 

For a more intimate experience, you can stay at lavish retreats on the tea plantations. Enjoy stunning mountain vistas from your room and book tea tasting tours to taste the blends for yourself. Stop by the KDHP Tea Museum to learn more about the history of tea production in Munnar. You can also join the workers to pick your own leaves from the estate and brew them in the factory.

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Search for Wildlife at Periyar National Park

Situated in the mountainous Western Ghats, Periyar National Park earns praise for its biodiversity and profound beauty. Famous for its wildlife sanctuary, Periyar ranks among the world’s best places to view protected elephants and tigers. Thousands of tourists embark on safaris through the park each year to catch glimpses of the majestic beauties. While elephants and tigers are the main attraction, other species you’ll see include sambar deer, leopards, lion-tailed macaques, and over 250 bird species. 

A crucial source of water for wildlife, Periyar Lake is a fantastic spot to locate wildlife. Boat rides provide a scenic alternative if you’d rather skip on a jungle trek through the wilderness. Cruise Periyar Lake’s tranquil waters and watch elephants, tigers, monkeys, reptiles, and other species gathered around its shores. 

Cruise the Kerala Backwaters

Stepping aboard a houseboat and exploring the Kerala backwaters is a classic experience in this lush landscape. The palm-fringed waterways feel like another world, and houseboats offer an enchanting way to see the region. Traditional vessels called kettuvallam escort you through paddy fields, lagoons, coconut groves, and charming villages. It’s one of the most peaceful Kerala activities and helps you connect with the local culture.

On your journey, houseboats give you close glimpses of wildlife, temples, and verdant islands. Tourism has developed significantly within the area, and lavish resorts offer peaceful stays beside the canals. For a memorable vacation, book Kerala tour packages that include a homestay along Kerala’s enchanting backwaters.

Catch a Kathakali Show

One of the best ways to connect with Kerala’s culture is to witness the elaborate dance routines of the Kathakali. The traditional art form includes colorful costumes, face masks, and distinct movements that tell ancient tales. Its roots trace back to Hindu mythology and also integrates Indian martial arts traditions of the Kerala region. The performers train rigorously to perform the sacred dance-drama for spectators.

Located in Kochi, the Kerala Kathakali Centre is a fantastic place to watch the classical art forms come to life. The cultural centre teaches you in-depth about the rituals, costumes, makeup, and dances of this theatrical tradition. While visiting the port city of Kochi, Kerala holiday packages often include a Kathakali dance show.


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