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Why you should visit Finland

Finland is always different at any time of the year, but whatever season you visit, the purity of the air and the beauty of nature will infuse you with a sense of joy and peace. With vast tracts of forest dotted with wonderful lakes, it is an ideal country for hiking, kayaking and rowing. Furthermore, the southern part of the country is dotted with cities full of life, among which the capital, Helsinki, a cutting-edge metropolis famous throughout the world for design and music, stands out.

For its music festivals

Are you a fan of chamber music? Or do you like hard rock, the one that makes your ears pop? Finland has a music festival for all tastes: for a month, Savonlinna Castle is the setting for the opera festival; violinists gather in Kaustinen for folk music; Pori, Espoo and Tampere attract thousands of jazz fans. From big rock festivals to small local events, there is always something cooking in the short but intense Finnish summer. The biggest festivals are dedicated to pop music, attracting tens of thousands of spectators every summer for decades now. There are three major events in Finland: the oldest is the Turku Ruisrock, which reached its 44th edition in 2013. Helsinki attractions - What to do in Helsinki? - Lux Express

A sun that never sets

In Finnish Lapland, a single summer day lasts over two months. And even further south it never gets completely dark. Finland, in fact, is called the land of the midnight sun and is a phenomenon that can be witnessed in the northernmost regions of the Arctic Circle and in the belt immediately south of it. For geographic reasons, the start and end dates tend to change depending on the area. Accustomed as we are to our rhythms, it is difficult to imagine that in some areas of the world the light of day can shine without stopping for an entire season. Yet this is normal in the far north of Finland, where the sun never sets from mid-May to the end of July.

The chalets

There are many accommodation options in Levi. You can stay in a log cottage, house or rent a private chalet or log house with heating and fireplace. You’ll always be close to nature and skiing.A real institution in Finland, cottages are a staple of the Finnish lifestyle. They are often located near pools of water and allow you to admire the beauty of unspoiled nature. When the summer season arrives, Finns flock to the countryside in search of peace and relaxation. If you look carefully at the coasts of the countless lakes surrounded by greenery, you will notice wooden houses surrounded by a dense forest of pines, firs and birches. They are the famous Finnish cottages: the m√∂kki. The Cottage consists of a modest log cabin with one or two bedrooms and a large kitchen with a log fire.

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The ski slopes

From late autumn until April, Finland is covered in white snow. This is the perfect time to practice winter sports. The cycle paths change into ski routes, with different difficulties able to satisfy athletes of all levels, from beginners to the most experienced. Lovers of Nordic skiing can explore the cities and their surroundings, the immense and silent forest, or cross stretches of sea and frozen lakes. Finland is a true paradise for the practice of winter sports, skiing, but also ice skating, with kilometers of frozen natural surfaces available. In many cities, the frozen surface of the lakes is cleared of snow to create ice trails on which to skate freely.


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