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Why You Need To Visit Taipei 101 Tower

Taiwan is one of the top travel destinations in Asia.

It’s famous for their hot springs, street food, and historical sites.

Among the various places of interest, the one that you simply cannot miss is the Taipei 101 tower. Literally.

This is a majestic piece of human architectural achievement and engineering feat. And for a period of time, was the tallest building in the world.

As soon as you get into the vicinity of Taipei city, you’d be greeted by how much this skyscraper dominates the skyline.

visit taipei

It is such a global landmark that you simply cannot claim to have visited the city unless you have been to the viewing gallery of the tower.

However, getting tickets into the viewing gallery can be a stressful event.

Not that you’d find it hard to get one. But because the ticketing counter is often so crowded that you’d have to queue up for quite a while before finally purchasing the entry tickets.

When you eventually get a ticket, you’d probably have to line up again for your turn to take the express elevator straight to the 89th floor.

While express tickets allow you to skip the queue, they do cost more.

One trick to skip the queue is to purchase your tickets in advance from online travel deal sites such as klook and kkday. These types of purchases enable you to claim your tickets from self-service machines and go strait through!

visit taiwan

At the viewing gallery, you’d be treated to the breathtaking scenery of the city and the mountains surrounding it.

Remember to use this chance to spot some of the must-go tourist destinations.

One of which is the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall with it’s unmistakable open space. This big clear and open space is also what feng shui experts often refer to as a bright hall. Chinese metaphysics is understandably huge in Taiwan.

One useful tip about your visit to Taipei 101 is to make the trip in the evening just before sun down. This allows you to enjoy both the day view when it’s till bright and night view when the skies gets dark.

Inside the premises, you’d also have the opportunity to take a look at the mega tuned mass damper which protects the building from earthquakes by stabilizing it.

With no time limits, you get to explore the whole place to your heart’s content.

But don’t forget that even though the tower provides a scenic view, the tower itself is beautiful from the outside.

This is why many tourists and even the locals love to make a trip up the various hills near the tower to get an elevated view of it’s exteriors.

One of them is Elephant Mountain. This is a mini-mountain situated in very close proximity to the tower itself.

Going to the top provides you with an unbelievable eternal view of the tower.

All in all, Taipei is a magical city with a nice mix of beautiful scenery, great food, and good value hotels that won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

And Taipei 101 is one of those global landmarks that an avid traveler simply has to visit one day.


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